Huawei leak shows differences between the P20, P20 Lite, and three-cam P20 Pro

Evan Blass

After leaks of each individual device, VentureBeat reporter Evan Blass has tweeted a photo of all three rumored versions of the Huawei P20: the regular P20, the P20 Lite, and the P20 Pro. We can now clearly see what will likely be the front and back of each phone. They’re about what we expected.

The P20 and P20 Pro both feature a front-mounted fingerprint sensor, whereas the P20 Lite includes a rear fingerprint sensor. (It still has a chin at the bottom of the phone, though.) They all include a notch at the top, a la iPhone X and the Essential Phone. Get used to it. Most interestingly, the P20 Pro includes a third rear camera that supposedly has some sort of AI use. We’re still unclear on what that might be, but the cameras will likely feature scene recognition and face detection.

Huawei’s been hinting at this third lens since it teased its press conference on March 27th in Paris with the tagline, “See Mooore with AI.” Now, really, the only concrete news we’re waiting for is exact pricing on these phones. According to a tweet from leaker Roland Quandt, the P20 Pro model will likely cost €899; the standard P20 will cost €670; and the P20 Lite will cost €369.


As we’ve already discussed… a notch and a chin is the way madness lies

If these images are correct, not just chin is bad, but also top bezels are not as thin as side bezels. They couldn’t even get that right, again, if these images are correct.

Lots of people seem to prefer to have a fingerprint sensor on the front of the phone, so to achieve that bezel-less look, a notch with a chin can make sense.

I love the P20 Pro. Finger print on the front! Triple Camera! Looks really nice. I don’t care about the notch.

Damn, finally a phone with fingerprint on the front, welcome back! I really missed it since S7. I hope this will be the phone replacing my Pixel 2 ^^.

I’m the opposite. I can’t stand phones with fingerprint readers in the front. for me it’s much more comvenient to just grab my phone out of my pocket and with a simple back tap it unlocks. Most of Huawie’s high end phones are coming with fingerprint readers in the front and to me that’s a deal breaker. Right now the only one that’s high end enough for me with a fingerprint reader in the back is the Mate 10 Pro but at $700 it’s just way too expensive

I used to think the same way, until I realized that I didn’t need to pick up the phone anymore from my table to unlock my phone and just needed to place a finger for half a second and I’m in. Although yes, if you have your smartphone in your pocket more often, it’s more comfortable to unlock it from behind in the long run. Proud owner of the regular Mate 10.


The rumored prices are not believable. These won’t cost more than the Mate 10 series. I mean P series has always been lower than Mate series.

I really admire Huawei’s chutzpah….trashing the iPhone and claiming that their’s is way better, and then blatantly copying the iPhone design in a cynical attempt to steal some customers. Well played, Huawei.

That’s what Samsung has been doing for years till they started the curved designs lol

Buying a phone with a notch like this is right out. Samsung and LG got this right.

More Chinese CopyCat.

Looks like they’re all the same size, I hope that’s not something else manufacturers inherit from the iphone x.

I wonder, did Apple patented that folded OLED method and if that’s why other manufacturers aren’t making phones without a chin, or it’s simply harder to do and others are not yet managing to do it.

Huawei leak shows differences between the P20, P20 Lite, and three-cam P20 Pro

Easy: the first one was made to look like a cheap iPhone X, the second was made to look like a cheaper iPhone X, and the third was made to look like a non-expensive iPhone X.

to all manufacturers, the notch is a shit design choice and should never be copied…there are already better ways, see vivo apex…if you need to copy something, copy that.

why did huawei copy asus, geez

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