Android P will finally be able to remember your Bluetooth headphone volume settings

Android P is finally fixing its Bluetooth volume settings with an update that will allow the mobile OS to remember volume preferences on a device-by-device basis, according to Android Police (first spotted by XDA Developers).

Now, Android will store the last volume used on each device in a preference file and automatically set back to that the next time you connect to that device. It’s not exactly a big change, but as someone who regularly switches between blasting music through a Bluetooth speaker and listening to music on a pair of headphones, it’ll be nice to not have my eardrums blown out every time I switch between the two devices. (And yes, iOS has been able to do this for a while, but it's nice to see that Android is catching up to help protect my hearing.)

According to XDA Developers, the update has already been approved and merged into Android, so it should be rolling out in one of the upcoming developer previews for Android P, which is still expected to be publicly released sometime this fall.

Correction: Fixed original sourcing to XDA Developers, who discovered the update.


I’ve never had the experience described here. My volume always resets to the minimum when I disconnect/reconnect to multiple devices. But good for those that need it.

Always resetting to the minimum volume seems like a big inconvenience. Going back to the most recently used volume for each device seems better.

This will be great for my car, everytime my phone connects to the stereo the volume is set to half and it’s really annoying! I tried turning up the volume on the amp to compensate but then the radio is too loud the next time someone uses it.

I had the exact same experience, and then I used Bluetooth Volume Control to turn my Bluetooth volume to max any time I connect to the car. Now I don’t need to worry about crazy volume changes any time I switch between the radio and my phone. But it looks like a separate app with be unnecessary once I get Android P.

Am I missing something here? My S8 does this already. Or is this a Samsung feature?

Yes Samsung does do this, and has since at least the S5.

The Bluetooth situation on the Pixel 2 is comically bad. Volume resets to 50% every time a device reconnects, even if its a momentary drop in connection, there is no control over the audio output in the notification shade, I frequently have to reboot to get it to reconnect to some devices, and my favorite is that if I am connected to a bluetooth speaker that does not support the call profile in bluetooth and I get a call, the audio will correctly switch back to the phone, but upon ending the call, the media audio will then also play from the phone and not the bluetooth speaker, and it won’t reconnect to the speaker unless I reboot the phone. It is absolutely terrible and Google should be ashamed, especially since this thing has no 3.5mm jack.

I haven’t had those issues, sound very much like some faulty BT devices, so which are you using, just so I know what to avoid?

Nice catch up, but if it’s tied to Android P it will be many years before most people have it. Android O came out last summer, and less than 5% of devices are running it. In fact, nearly 40% of Android devices are running Lollipop (from 2014) or older.

When ever I connected my Nexus 5X or Pixel2 to my Sony MDR1000X it would put the volume to ~20% and whenever I connected it to my Android Auto it would but it back to 100%.
The only situation I had the problem you described is with another non-Android Auto car, then it would keep the volume at the ~20% it was set to automatically when connecting my headphones.

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