This smart Tupperware connects to Alexa and warns you when food is about to go bad

If you need more evidence that we’re living in an increasingly (and maybe unnecessarily) connected world, there’s a new Kickstarter for smart Tupperware containers that are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. The Ovie Smarterware food storage system is designed to help you keep track of the food in your fridge so it doesn’t go to waste. The system contains several parts: a SmartTag that goes into an Ovie container, a clip for bags of food, or a universal connector for other forms of storage (like takeout boxes). You push the button to turn the tag on and tell the app what food it’s tracking by entering it manually or telling Alexa what you’re storing. You also need a separate hub that needs to be plugged into a wall and connected to the internet so they can all talk to each other.

Ovie says it plans to launch the system with Google Home compatibility as well and notes that the batteries in the SmartTag last for 12 to 18 months. Using a database of food spoilage times, the company says it can alert you when your produce or meal is about to go bad. The SmartTag assigned to each food item starts its own countdown once you begin tagging, but you also have the option to change the timing if you’d like.

The tag lights up in green to indicate the food has been freshly tagged and stays green until half of the expected duration of the food passes. When it’s yellow, that means the food is close to going bad, so it’s time to eat or cook it. Red indicates that the food should be tossed out. You can track what’s in your fridge and how long it will stay fresh in your app, which also gives you tips and recipes on how you can use what you’ve stored.

For most people, it should be obvious when produce has spoiled, but other food items may require smelling them, which is unpleasant. Other food spoilage-tracking apps exist, but the Ovie line seems to be the most immediately visual when you open up your fridge. The system starts on Kickstarter at $60, where you’ll get three Ovie SmartTags, three Smarterware Universal Connectors, and an Ovie Hub targeted for a February 2019 shipping. As with most crowdfunding projects, pledge at your own discretion.


If you need a container to tell you when food will go bad you have bigger issues.

true, just hire a butler and you don’t have to worry

This sounds like a huge pain in the ass, and doesn’t seem much more convenient than saying "Hey Smart Assistant" when does X expire and jotting on a food label.


Of all the innovations that could have been funded… really?

hahahaha this is so stupid

… and of course the tags can’t be recharged, they have to make it so you keep buying new ones. What a ridiculous waste.

I like the idea but the execution isn’t there.

All of this could be just a list inside an app.
As you put things in a regular tupperware or ziploc, just add it to the list and have the countdown start inside the app on the phone. It can still do the red/yellow green thing (in the list), still do notifications and still do the recipe suggestions.
If this was just a $2 or $3 app, they might actually have a good idea.
The fact that it needs dedicated hardware means this startup will be dead in a few months.

First world problem. Trying to check when food expires.

At first I thought it would sense the air in the container and tell from that when the food was bad. In the end, it’s just a timer.

Hope this just becomes an Amazon thing. Clip cheap on basics, an Alexa skill, and linked with your Amazon now or fresh orders.

Smart? And it can’t figure out what’s in the friggin box?

Wow, first world society has truly reached a pathetic new height of laziness. I love tech as much as anyone here, but enough with these dumbass ‘smart’ things trying to solve problems that kinda aren’t even really there. I don’t know if it’s mostly the US, but it’s like a mentality of "what new things can we make for people to buy, even though they don’t need them, but if we design them all pretty they’ll totally want them… then we get soooooo rich, dolla dolla bills ya’ll!"

They really making anything part of the IOT.

Am I the only one who actually thinks this is a good idea? All I read is hateful comments yet I think this is great. The execution could of course be better (and the voice used in the video… come on man, be happy!) but the idea is pretty neat. My wife and I really do waste more food than we should when we store them in the fridge and push them to the back.

Visual representation with the lights is key here, and I for one, like it.

People in here complaining that this is "lazy" yet this is what our generation is – connected. When was the last time you went to the library instead of searching for something on-line? Past generations would call you lazy, too (a bit of a stretch, but you get the idea!)

The sentiment is that this creates a lot of work to solve a small problem: Purchasing new specialized tupperware, special tags with non replaceable batteries, installing a special purpose home internet hub, phone app, and manually entering the food into a database when you put it away.

Using a dry erase marker to write dates on containers and keeping the fridge organized is a simpler, cheaper, faster solution. We might forget a container 2-3 times per year at the most. This system is overkill.

Did they just make my nose redundant? Crafty buggers………………..

BTW:I don’t have waste food, I have a gluttonous dog

Why wouldn’t you just fire off a conversation with alexa about what you’re putting in the fridge that intelligently can be parsed into alerts instead of this nonsense? This problem needs to be solved with good habits and mom-style AI, not gadgets. Or if a gadget must exist let it monitor when the fridge door opens and objects move in and out, like a creepy ceiling cat that gives Alexa more intel.

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