Google Home now speaks Spanish

Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge
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The Google Home finally has the ability to speak Spanish. Though Spanish was available as part of Google Assistant for some time now, for whatever reason it wasn’t available through the Home, Home Mini, or Home Max. Spanish support started to quietly roll out two weeks ago, and now Google is formally announcing the feature.

Three localized versions of Spanish are available: one for Spain, Mexico, and the US. The Home and Home Mini actually launched in Spain last week (where, obviously, Spanish support was available from the start), and Google is also bringing those devices to Mexico as of today.

If you already own a Google Home and want to change it to Spanish, you can do that by going into Assistant’s settings on your phone, selecting your smart speaker in the “devices” menu, and then tapping on “Assistant language.”

Google announced earlier this year that it would be adding 22 new languages to Assistant by the end of 2018, though it isn’t clear how many of those will immediately come to the Home. The company also plans to launch multilingual support so that you can speak multiple languages to Assistant without going into the settings and changing it every time. That’s supposed to launch later this year, starting with English, German, and French.


It’s about time.

Just make sure ICE doesn’t bust down your door to take it away.

They’re making an effort to sell these things. Now if only they’d do this with the Pixel.

Yeah! like Silver Surfer Said…. "Three Good!"

This is awesome – I’d love something like this to help me with my language learning as well

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