New Pixel 3 XL leaks show off the deeper notch and all-white color scheme

Photo: (XDA Forums)
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New images of the Pixel 3 XL have appeared on XDA Forums, courtesy of member, and this time, they show off an all-white color scheme for Google’s larger Android smartphone. They also seemingly confirm the deep notch revealed in the first set of Pixel 3 XL leaks in June.

The new white model leaked by seems to be almost identical to the black version that leaked earlier. There’s the same prototype logo on the back instead of Google’s usual “G” and with the same notch, chin, stereo speakers, single rear camera, and dual-front facing lenses. The two-tone black-and-white color scheme from last year’s model has been replaced with a totally white back, similar to the original Pixel XL.

According to, the phone seems to be about the same size as last year’s Pixel 2 XL, which would imply that Google is taking advantage of the newly notched design to increase screen surface area without making the physical phone dramatically bigger. In a later post in the thread, also confirmed that the Pixel 3 XL prototype does feature a glass back, and the split glossy / matte style that has become an iconic part of the Pixel lineup’s design is still preserved under a single sheet of glass (presumably to facilitate wireless charging).

The similarities between the June leak and these latest images mean it’s starting to look likely that this is the Pixel 3 XL’s design (for better or for worse), even if Google does tweak a few things on the design between now and the fall, but we’ll likely have to wait until October to find out for sure.


Looks like I’m going with the normal Pixel this time. Sucks because I want a big battery. The notch is and always will be awful design.

I want a headphone jack, I have 6 pairs of earphones and I love them all. Killing jack is and will always be a bad decision*

Disclaimer: expires in maybe 3 to 10 years when better wireless options come out and prices come down.. I need to buy at least 4 of them… I like keeping one everywhere and not having to worry about it as long as I put the color coded one back in it’s rightful place.

exactly the same reason I like the regular Pixel better

Yeah but they include an adapter for you.

That doesn’t allow you to charge at the same time… meaning no playing games or driving with a wired headset and a superior mic while not blowing the battery on Waze and max brightness. While we’re at it… whatever happened to display out? I’d rather play a video on my Pixel then my laptop, which I still do

Except this one has wireless charging so you can use a dongle while charging…!

Well, as long as you have a wireless charging pad at hand and don’t actually intend to, y’know, hold your phone while it’s charging/outputting audio.

he’s got 6 pairs of earphones, he probably isn’t going to swap them around while holding his phone.

I remember using an adapter for headphones on my HTC Tilt 2 back in like 2007. HTC sure is putting out an advanced phone!

Sammy is waiting for you with their s9+ and headphone jack – course you have to put up with the downsides of their choice as well.

Only downside to a Samsung is Knox. They still manage to have smaller bezels, no notch, bigger battery and a headphone jack.

My problem with wireless earbuds isn’t so much the price (I got a great pair from Amazon for only $40 CAD) it’s the time it takes to pair and charge. I know it’s such a first-world problem but it’s annoying.

Notches, if implemented properly in the OS, are fine. I initially thought it was a bad idea, but I’ve relaized that the notch is not intruding on he screen real estate, it’s actually giving you additional space that would normally be taken up by the top bezel.

The time and other status info live next to the speaker and camera at the top. It just looks off-putting. And like I said, if the OS deals with the notch properly, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

but I’ve relaized that the notch is not intruding on he screen real estate, it’s actually giving you additional space that would normally be taken up by the top bezel.

I don’t understand how people didn’t realize this from the beginning. It clearly gives you more real estate no matter how you slice it

Literal case of glass half empty.

A lot of people really just hate the aesthetic, even if it’s the best way to implement a "bezel-less" display. I say "best" because a motorized camera just screams problematic if introduced to the larger mass market. Also, some people prefer a useful bezel, like those with front-facing speakers.

The notch disrupts the symmetry of even top and bottom bezel sizes. People had issues with phones with different top and bottom bezel heights.

Yup, that’s what I mean by aesthetic.

No it doesn’t. That notch is 2-3 times the size of a Samsung bezel. When watching a video or looking at a picture you are forced to either black out the notched areas or have a notch in what you are watching. You lose screen real-estate with a notch.

This is such a tired line..

The vast, vast majority of videos do not show the notch.

It’s fine, if the reason was for a bezel-free display. But if you have a huge chin, the notch is loses purpose and identity.


Notch on X is not fine. Status bar is crippled. Enough reason to dislike.

iOS is different though. It is much less reliant on the status bar so the notch inhibiting what is shown is less of a problem than you think.

The notch is unfortunate.
The glass back is also somewhat unfortunate.
Thank goodness they’ve retained the fingerprint sensor.

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