Latest Pixel 3 leaks purportedly show off the notch and wireless charging

We’ve been seeing a steady stream of Pixel 3 leaks since June, and even more photos and videos have surfaced today, including purported sample photos taken with the Pixel 3 XL camera. The images appeared on Russian tech blog Rozetked, which reveals basically everything about the phone before the Pixel’s official launch. The leaks show everything presumably included in the box, including USB-C Pixel Buds, a charger, and a USB-C headphone dongle.

There’s also multiple shots of the phone itself. The deep notch is still very much a part of the 1440 x 2960 display on the Pixel 3, and it’ll reportedly have a Snapdragon 845 processor and come with Android 9 Pie.

Purported sample photos from the Pixel 3 XL have been posted on Instagram user Khoroshev’s account, and the photo quality suggests that the new device will be just as powerful as the Pixel 2 XL. It’s rumored to have two front-facing cameras and a 12MP sensor rear camera.

And finally, Khoroshev posted this video of the wireless charging at work on Twitter today:

There’s no other information on its wireless charging specs, but at least we know that the feature will likely be available for the Pixel 3. Though given the amount of leaks we’ve seen over the past few months, we’ll probably know the rest of the details soon.


Ugly phone.

If they managed to fit the sensors couple millimeters higher and reduced the radius where the notch starts, it would be kind of acceptable. Seemingly small mistake but it ruins everything.

Shopped it just for fun:

"They are going to fire the guy that okayed this design" — Me, every year after seeing the Pixel hardware design.

What’s not to love? A beautiful notch and a beautiful chin.

I may get some hate but I actually like the design. Though I would probably turn the notch off to keep it the bezels similar size.

If you turn the notch off the top bezel is going to probably be bigger than the bottom

I don’t mind the design either it looks good in the picture to me, so they went with the notch instead of a forehead – no big deal. Added in headphones, which is nice. Wireless charging is nice. Guessing the camera performance will be up another notch – which was fantastic last year. Should be a good year for the Pixel’s update. JMHO…

That notch is so big you can probably fit 2 rows of icons. lol

Just a mock up but what do you guys think?

Wow, that’s awesome, nice job. It actually doesn’t look bad with the notch off.

Which is better…notch off looks like a 2 XL with e-ink details in the top corners – I think I like it better that way (I like my 2 XL). Wonderful layout Qukumatz.

I like it as well. Also I didn’t mock it up. I just saw it on Gizmodo. Thanks though. Hopefully it does look close to it.

Definitely an improvement. I have an iPhone X and actually don’t mind the notch, it disappears from my view completely… but my missus has just got a P20 Pro, and I must admit, I prefer it with the notch turned off.

Too bad the Notch ratio is bigger than your concept shows. Totally was gonna hop on the Pixel wagon but Google has thrown me off!

You know you you don’t have to get the XL right?

You could just get the normal Pixel 3 which still has a big display

The notch-less is better. Google seems to be desperately chasing (copying ) apple. I wonder if they will have gotten decent screen from Samsung for the XL instead of the subpar LG screen. Samsung still has the better looking phone. If I had to give up my iPhone I would take an S9. Kinda of funny that Google seems to always be trying to backstab Samsung.

Same here. I really love notches, as I get more screen real estate than I have now. I get that others hate it, but I’m not sure why.

I can’t believe we have to wait till October 4th for this since we already know everything about it!

That chin is so huge, I think it’s even bigger than my Pixel2 XL’s chin! It’s like they took any screen ratio gained from the top and added it to the bottom.

It’s great that they’re including headphones in with this phone (seems like the right thing to do since they took our headphone jack away) but it does look like they sport the same design of the wireless pixel buds, although it’s hard to tell since you can only see the outside portion. And the pixel buds fall out of my ear constantly, so here’s to hoping they changed the design of the portion that goes in your ear to make them less prone to falling out!!!

Oh my. When the back of the phone looks better than the front. You’re doing something wrong!

it is a Seriously ugly notch design but ill still buy IF it comes to Tmobile (jump)

That seems like a long shot – since Verizon does the Pixel. Google sells financing for it if you get it direct from them (like you’d get at T-Mobile). I’ve got a 2 XL that runs great on T-Mobile.

Buy unlocked.

He probably doesn’t want to buy it unlocked because he’s currently on the T-Mobile Jump plan. He’s paying $12 per month to get insurance and to be able to switch phones after 12 payments. He would have to pay off his entire current phone, cancel his jump plan, then finance it through Google. That’s a lot to do. I only know this, because I’m in the same situation. Therefore, I’m getting the Note 9.

Bah, frankly, if the display is of good quality this time and it still has a top of the line camera, it’ll be one of the best phones around, simply because of its timely updates and good UI. I can tolerate that notch.

Thankfully they even gave us an option to turn the notch off, so I feel like it’s really a non-issue for the most part.

Yeah, but since that notch is very deep as opposed to wide, that’ll eat up a bunch of screen real estate.

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