Google adds Xbox One controller support to Android Pie

Xbox One controllers
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Microsoft’s Xbox One controllers haven’t always worked well with Android. While Microsoft added Bluetooth to the Xbox One controllers two years ago, a number of games have had issues with button mapping. Google is now officially supporting Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth in its latest Android Pie release. XDA-Developers reports that a Google engineer has closed a long standing bug report on the Xbox One controller mapping issues, noting that they’re fixed in Android Pie.

“This bug should be fixed in P… therefore, marking this as fixed,” says the unnamed Google engineer. The fix has been placed into the core of Android Pie, so all releases of it will include it. A variety of games support Bluetooth controllers in Android, and CNET reports that even Fortnite will be getting support soon. That will make playing Fortnite on Android a lot more interesting on the go, especially if other game developers start to see mobile as more of an opportunity to include controller support.



Now…if only I played Fortnite…

I really wish Apple would add PS/XB controller support to iOS/tvOS somehow, even if it was only in some type of "advanced settings" or "pro mode" you had to opt into.

It could instantly transform tvOS gaming and have big benefits for iOS (especially iPad) as well.

The mFI options don’t even hold a candle to the Sony/MS/8BitDo options and so many gamers already have those options and could reuse them for iOS/tvOS gaming.

thats ios for you. you will really wish for a long long time which are already on android. thats why i have moved to android a long time ago especially the pixel

Does anybody make an Android phone that’s smaller than an iPhone 8?
I don’t like all these big phones and I still use an iPhone SE

Xperia XZ2 Compact.

They could easily, but they would be unable to charge MFi licensing fees on them.

It seems so petty when you think about it. It’s quite possible that if Apple let people use their PS4, Xbox One or Switch controllers, it would open up a much larger market for controller-enabled iOS games. No one wants to make such games for iOS because no one owns MFi controllers.

Yeap pretty typical Apple, world’s best hardware, locked up and made less useful.

The Apple TV 4K is amazing (CPU is twice as fast as the nVidia Shield), but I can use the controller I want and save myself money, so I buy the nVidia Shield instead.

It’s dumb, but Apple doesn’t seem to want to support the Xbox controller.

I would imagine MS would work with Google and Apple to add in XB controller support with their rumored cloud streaming coming in the next few years. If MS is serious about allowing you to play your games (via streaming) on any device then it is imperative they get the Xbox controller support working natively on these platforms.

Not sure they’re going to pay Apple to certify though

Apple and MS are both big enough and can collaborate together for mutual interest and bring xbox controller support to iOS (like bringing office to iOS).

gives Apple to allow a popular controller to help build their gaming on iOS and gives MS ability to grow Xbox live with cloud streaming on iOS.

As soon as you can get Fortnite on Android TV, this could be a huge move.

You can get Fortnite on Android TV right now. It’s a "beta", but they’re only calling it that so that Samsung can have exclusive rights for the first 30 days.

I can now play Fortnite on my Nvidia shield via the Nvidia GeForce now, you get the beta free with the console and by so you can play Fortnite fortune on the highest setting with very good fps(only if you have good internet.

not that I use it as I don’t play Fortnite and think its just an overhyped up game.

Now we’re finally getting to the point, both hardware and software wise, where a device like the Nvidia Shield and the Ouya could actually provide real value. Fortnite and similar games are really going to make gaming on Android a real thing, and being able to play this type of game on a big screen will be very appealing to some.

Time to get back into Android gaming.

i actually picked up a new bluetooth xbox one pad today and the first thing i connected it to was my phone (a galaxy A5 on 8.0) it connected fine and works a treat

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