Samsung teases new Galaxy event for October 11th

Samsung has announced a surprise event on October 11th for a new Galaxy device. The invitation teases “4X fun,” via CNET.

It’s not entirely clear what device Samsung is teasing here. The company tends to focus its fall efforts on its annual Note flagship, but the invitation reportedly promises that “Samsung’s newest Galaxy device is bringing more ways to express yourself than ever before.”

Based on the teaser, it sounds like it may be something photography-related. Perhaps it’s a new midrange phone with four cameras? The return of the Galaxy Zoom? Or maybe even the foldable phone Samsung has been teasing?

We won’t know for sure until October 11th. But if the history of Samsung leaks is anything to go by, we’ll likely know the entire announcement long before then.


Maybe a gaming phone?!

What an absolutely savage final line.

Except it can be used equally for Apple too.

At least Apple has control of their retail packaging.

Sick burn

We won’t know for sure until October 11th. But if the history of Samsung leaks is anything to go by, we’ll likely know the entire announcement long before then.

Jesus Christ, you guys went straight for the kill.

Skipping the Galaxy X and going straight to the Galaxy 4X, obviously.

Four times the foldable!

4 notches and it actively disables any headphone jacks in a 30 foot radius.

You jest but last year and earlier this year Samsung did hint at an X branded flexible phone.

2 front 2 rear camera?
ps. 4 sides curve screen?

Are we even sure this a phone event only and there won’t be new VR devices and and Windows devices(tablets, 2in1 and so forth)?

VR, maybe. Definitely not Windows, though. The invitation says it’s a Galaxy event, which is the name Samsung uses for Android related devices.

Well, there is the Galaxy Book.

And Tizen, if you include the Galaxy Watch

I bet it’s a 10" phone that folds 4 times. Or something else.

I have been considering buying a Note 9 and a Galaxy Watch – Perhaps I should wait?

I’m hoping they drop the Galaxy X or whatever it is going to be called. That would be a more direct hit at Apple especially if they managed to keep the leaks quiet and made it available directly after the keynote.

How does that fit in with the "4x" thing, though?

I’m guessing the author’s guess is correct – it will be a phone with 4 cameras.

True but they could also show a teaser of the X at the end as a "one more thing" type reveal.

Its about time they announced the successor to the galaxy book 12. But I doubt they will have an event for that.

They treat Windows like a step-child because the OS won’t let them put their Touchwiz or experience on top of it, and only like making a splash for their Android devices that they can screw with every which way.

The 4X probably signifies a fourth phone. So:

  • Galaxy Note 9
  • Galaxy S9
  • Galaxy S9+
  • New Galaxy phone

My money is definitely on a smartphone to rival the capabilities of Huawei’s P20 Pro.

I really hope it’s a phone to rival the P20, because Huawei can’t be the only modern phone using a 1/1.7". We need more manufactures to step it up sensor size from 1/2.5" and even 1/2.3".

4x faster updates on Galaxy devices?

One can only dream

It will have 4 e-sims, so you can connect 4 phone numbers to it. Duh…

The mid-range phone with four cameras isn’t a bad guess.

I think we are talking about a mid-range phone of some sort aimed at millenials, regardless of what the 4x means.

The problem is that phone companies that aim to capture younger demographics with "special" phones almost always fail. Remember the Microsoft Kin? Young people want the same thing everyone else wants, not a stripped down phone where the value is two cameras on each side to take better selfies plus enhanced animojis or whatever. Really, what they should be thinking about is people who can’t afford flagship phones as a general group (which may include millenials), and what do they want? A good phone that’s as much like the flagship as possible for them to make on a budget but is sturdier and lasts longer so it doesn’t need to be replaced as often. Maybe a larger battery. You’re aiming for a demo that can’t always buy new phones because the other one broke, so make the phone sturdier. Don’t add more selfie cameras.

Not only does an extra selfie camera probably not move the meter with milllenials, it’ll actively turn off older buyers when its featured in ads and people think "Oh, the not actually hip, ‘hip’ selfie phone from TV" and move immediately to looking at the next phone.

You all also forgot about an updated Galaxy View. Remember that huge, expensive 1080p tablet that Samsung launched a few years ago for porn multimedia viewing? No. Well, that’s due for an update.

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