LG V40 ThinQ leak confirms five cameras and a notch

Image: Evan Blass (Twitter)

LG is planning to announce its latest flagship phone — the V40 ThinQon October 3rd, but the latest leaked images, courtesy of the ever-reliable Evan Blass, are giving us the best look at the upcoming phone yet (via 9to5Google).

The image gives us a good look at the upcoming device, which seeks to make smartphone history as one of the first phones to offer a total of five camera sensors: a dual-lens shooter on the front paired with a three-lens system (similar to the Huawei P20 Pro) on the back.

Much like last year’s V30 (which looked like a larger G6), the V40 ThinQ bears a strong resemblance to the G7 ThinQ, which was released earlier this year. As seen in Blass’ image, the V40 ThinQ will also feature a notched display that’s largely hidden by a blacked-out status bar and a chin on the bottom.

LG will reportedly offer a Snapdragon 845 processor, a Quad DAC, a dedicated Google Assistant button on the side, and a fingerprint scanner on the back. The biggest differences from the G7 seem to be the larger 6.3-inch screen and the aforementioned triple-camera sensor on the back.

Of course, as impressive as its five-camera phone is, LG’s time as the (numerical) camera king could be short-lived: if the leaked images of a Nokia phone with five cameras on the back of the phone turn out to be real, we could be quickly looking at a six- or even seven-camera phone soon.


Moar cameras.Seriously though are there significant benefits to having additional cameras? Like does each camera like take a picture and then overlay it to increase resolution? Or can you change perspective maybe?

In general you can take different pictures with different f-stops. In black and white, color, and possibly infrared. Then you use your algorithm to combine the information from all of those into one image.

can you change perspective

Yes, field of view and focal length play a massive part in framing a good photo.

hint: same cat, it never moves, just different focal lengths.

That GIF is mesmerizing.

"The camera adds 10 lbs"

How many cameras are on it?

LOL the OP didn’t ask if there’s any such thing as a change of perspective, he asked if "moar cameras" enables it. The very question implies he already knows what you are demonstrating.

If you want wide-angle or optical zoom or better low light via monochrome sensor. Sure there is.

The different cameras tend to have different fields of view and zoom levels. Some are also B&W. Some camera apps take pictures with all cameras and use the data to build a single picture. Other camera apps let you choose which camera to take the picture from (wide shot, zoom shot, etc).

Sensor size will always be a limiter for camera performance. Increasing sensor size, will require an increase in z-axis height, meaning a thicker camera. Depending on the implementation, an alternative would be using multiple camera sensors in conjunction, which would provide similar performance to a larger camera sensor.

The addition of more cameras equals more pixels to work with. Huawei’s P20 Pro has a 40mp rgb, 20mp BW, and 8mp telephoto lens setup that uses their Pixel Fusion pixel binning software technique to bundles smaller pixels together to get 4x as much light in the larger combined pixel

Notches need to die…

You’d rather have less screen?

Lol you gain a minimal amount of screen in exchange for a huge and ugly eyesore. I’ll take small bezels on top and bottom with front facing speakers.

you gain a minimal amount of screen in exchange for a huge and ugly eyesore

I find asymmetric bezels more of an eyesore than a notch, though I understand it’s a matter of taste. (I prefer a tasteful notch even over a symmetric bezel, though a notch+chin combination feels unpolished.)

Regarding "minimal amount of screen": It’s at least a status bar worth. Not a ton, but not trivial either. (It’s more than that when comparing a chin-less notched screen to a symmetrically bezeled screen.)

That’s where librem phones comes in

Why not add another letter, word, or symbol also to the name of the phone while you’re at?

You: "Hey what phone is that?"
Me: "The ThinQ"
You: "Thank you for what?"
Me: "Huh?"

I thought the iPhone XS Max was a bad name, but this LG phone takes the cake.

I hope the next one is the LG V40 ThinQ 2.0 max plus.

G7 Thinq came out in the spring.

Or just call it the V40 and ignore the rest of the branding.

I just want the higher end Nokia phones to be sold here in the U.S. C’mon HMD. I like the 6.1, but I really want a 7.1 or 8 here in the U.S.

Is the notch black-out on by default?

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