Motorola’s RAZR is returning as a $1,500 folding smartphone

The legendary Motorola RAZR might be making a comeback as a $1,500 foldable screen smartphone, and it could launch as early as February, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal.

The original RAZR was one of the most iconic cellphones ever made, and it seems that Motorola’s parent company Lenovo is looking to cash in on that branding with an updated foldable phone (similar to the one that Samsung has teased for later this year). Per the WSJ, the new RAZR will be exclusive to Verizon in the US with a planned February launch, although the device is still in testing and details have yet to be finalized.

Also unknown is nearly any concrete information about the phone. There’s no word yet on things like screen size, specifications, or even form factor. Will the revived RAZR just borrow the name but use a more traditional landscape folding display? Will Lenovo follow the original RAZR design and have some sort of super long vertically folding screen?

This isn’t the first time that the RAZR brand has seen an attempted resurrection, either: in 2011 and 2012, Motorola also teamed up with Verizon (it seems to really like the RAZR name) for a series of Droid RAZR devices, which tried to cash in on the goodwill of RAZR devices, albeit without any of the flip phone design that was part of the original charm.

That said, dragging old smartphone designs to the present in updated forms is starting to become a trend. The HMD-owned iteration of Nokia has practically made a cottage industry of it with rereleases of the Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8110, but those devices were meant to be fun, nostalgic novelties, not flagship competitors.

According to the WSJ report, Lenovo is hoping to manufacture over 200,000 of the new RAZRs, which may seem optimistic for a $1,500 luxury smartphone. But considering that the (admittedly much cheaper) RAZR V3 model sold 130 million units over its lifespan, if lightning does manage to strike twice, that goal might not be so hard to hit.


It won’t be but that’s one cool concept for this…

Staying true to the original design… shows that the original design really doesn’t work with today’s tech. It will be good to remind people of this video once the actual product is released, and they’ll inevitably complain about how it strayed to far for the OG design.

at $1500 I have to be triple screen with the dual internal ones to work like Samsung’s microLED displays where it seamlessly blend the screen together

Or just be an extremely limited production run where exclusivity and nostalgia alone can put this phone way past the $1500 MSRP. People pay lots of money for stupid stuff all the time.

That’s not true at all in the smartphone market. Niche phones are introduced and fail in less than a year…just look at the Essential. Name a nostalgia phone that has had any success in the last 5 years…it doesn’t exist. Smartphone sales are in decline especially the high end market so a $1,500 is doomed.

Same price as an iPhone Max

And if you want a folding iOS device you have to shell out for an iPad Pro.

I see what you did there.

Oof, ouch, owie my sides

Oh daaaaamn.

I just spilled water over my keyboard, thanks for that

Motorola’s RAZR is returning as a $1,500 folding smartphone

Motorola’s RAZR is returning – awesome
folding smartphone – sounds interesting
$1,500 – and I’m out

I remember when the RAZR launched it was around $400 which I thought was laughably expensive, but then everyone HAD TO HAVE ONE and they sold like crazy.

I mean, now we’re in a day where a $1000 smartphone is becoming normalized so it’s not surprising that a premium design phone with cutting edge tech could be $1500.

That said, the iPhone is still the dominant cultural force, so it won’t sell. This is coming from a strict android user.

Just because Apple wants 1000 to be normalized doesn’t make it so. Latest sales show that.

as an owner of an iPhone X, the reason is pretty simple for latest sales: there’s no incentive whatsoever for us to update. Sure, you can get faster FaceID or whatever (but iPhone X is fast enough) and I imagine a better camera (seems par for the course every revision; but X seems pretty good to me). But what else is there really? Honestly, if you’re running an iPhone 8 (Plus or not), iPhone X, recent Galaxy S or Pixel, it is really a hard sell to say you’ve gotta have this update a year in.

I will say the foldable phone thing is a useful enough gimmick to move the needle. 5G would be too (I know iPhone will get 5G later than Android, but I’d wager T-Mobile 5G isn’t going to be in my area straight away so I can even wait on that). But phones have innovated for so long that we’re essentially at a point that it really takes something to create an incentive to update.

Until 5G rolls around on iPhone or Apple shockingly does a foldable display version (I strongly doubt this ever comes to pass), I’m sticking with mine. If it starts to slow down, I’ll get a battery replacement.

I wouldn’t say even 5G is that exciting… I mean I spend most of my time at home or work and have Wi-Fi everywhere, in fact even my town centre is now completely covered with Wi-Fi.

Bring on the advancements sure, but I wouldn’t actively pay more for it.

Dont forget that every "update" seems to remove more and more functions
- 3d deep press
- no buttons
- no touch finger print reader
- smaller battery
- no display update
- no included fast charge
- no usbc cable
- no headphone jack (not even including the dongle for free) $W$%@#!!

So i can upgrade for less functionality than i originally had

oNLy 20o0s kIDs WilL rEMeMbEr

The folding smartphone is quickly becoming the "3D TV" of smartphone makers.

The new "must have" tech that all these companies hope will finally get everyone to upgrade and spur massive sales numbers again, and yet no one gives a shit about.

That’s because, like 3D TV, it’s solving a problem that doesn’t exist. There’s nobody in the world that is truly complaining about phones being so big that they can’t fit in their pockets; some might not like the 6" phones because they’re too big for their HANDS, but this solution isn’t solving that problem.

I disagree. The phones coming this year and for the next couple years definitely will not solve this problem, but if this tech matures enough that people can have an iPhone 5-size phone that can fold out to a 6"-7" tablet when needed, that would be truly groundbreaking, and I would kill to be able to have that flexibility (excuse the pun).

I am in the Air Force, and wear a flight suit to work every day. We have a pocket on our left arm that was literally designed for a box of cigarettes way back in the day (ah, simpler times…). Well, it just so happens that everything up to the iPhone 5-style phones fit perfectly in that pocket, and it was one less thing bouncing around in my leg or chest pockets. Give me a phone that size that can also unfold to a Max-size screen when needed, and I’ll be the first one in line the day it is announced.

No one complaining about phones being so big they can’t fit in a pocket? I don’t know about that.

However, phones being so big they can’t COMFORTABLY fit in a pocket is a complaint I do have. My phone does "fit" in my front pocket but it sure isn’t comfortable. I actually buy carpenter jeans so I can put my phone in the side leg pocket.

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