First pictures of Apple’s truly wireless Powerbeats Pro leak

Image: 9to5Mac

Just last week, rumors broke that Apple was working on a truly wireless version of its Powerbeats sports headphones, and today, the first images of the headphones — called the Powerbeats Pro — leaked out in the just released iOS 12.2 update, via 9to5Mac.

The new headphones look similar to the existing Powerbeats, minus the wire that connects them together. Notably, the Powerbeats would bring a new form factor to Apple’s truly wireless headphone lineup, offering adjustable ear tips and over-ear clips for a more customizable fit than the one-size-fits-all AirPods. And like the AirPods, the new Powerbeats Pro will come with a charging case that will presumably recharge the headphones on the go.

According to the original rumor, the Powerbeats Pro headphones will also feature Apple’s new H1 wireless chip that the company introduced alongside the second-gen AirPods that it launched last week, which Apple says offers improved connectivity and battery life, as well as “Hey, Siri” support. A Lightning plug is visible on the back of the Powerbeats Pro case, but without more information we’ll have to wait to see if you’ll be able to recharge the case with wireless Qi charging like you can with the updated 2019 AirPods.

There’s no word yet as to a final price or release date for the Powerbeats Pro headphones, but considering the fairly finished-looking renders already included in iOS 12.2, we likely won’t have long to wait before Apple officially reveals them.


But will it be a status symbol to wear these is the question

They’re still writing that article.

Or maybe they will just be great headphones that tons of people will enjoy? Oh, wait, this is the internet….we have to have the snide comments at about a 10 to 1 ratio over any thoughtful discourse. Sign of the times, I suppose.

No, and that might make it hard to charge the premium that Apple does. Sounds like a great product though.

Wasn’t Beats as premium a brand as Apple already, before the acquisition?

Most reviews I’ve read agree they are overly bassy products with a hefty mark-up for their image, but of rather medium quality.

Personally I do not believe Beats is a premium brand, but public perception may differ.

Beats priced it boldly at $249.

Is this why we didn’t get black AirPods?

Certainly looks like the black color and matte texture the rumors mentioned, doesn’t it

Longer battery life and a higher comfort level that I won’t drop them out of my cavernous ears? I’m in

I was more hoping for soft airpods, but these look interesting. I’ve never had much luck with ear hook designs being comfortable, but I will try them for sure.

odd that it took apple to bring that kind of option for true wireless models

At least there will be more options when the inevitable clones star to pop up, for true wireless headphones I think having that extra support is nice to have

Might get these if they review well, didn’t like the last Powerbeats

Would be great for a family member, long as it can alternate between the left and right bud independently like the AirPods (which should be the case with the same wireless chip).

i picked up the last wireless powerbeats at my target the other day for $40 clearance on the end caps folks! They sound great.

Hurry to your target and check the endcaps

i dont care for airpods because they are too easy to lose, much more interest in this, also it come in matte black

nice to have more options.

these look pretty interesting. unfortunately i am one of the minority of folks with fitment issues with airpods. well, actually the issue is only with one airpod being just slightly too big for stable use over time in one ear. for other earbuds i can solve this problem by running different tips on each bud. earhooks also solve the problem, but destroy the airpod case experience, and imo the case experience is what makes airpods sublime and unique overall.

Have my Powerbeats since 2014. Great to see an updated!

Charging case gives me heavy Pixel Buds vibes

I was surprised at how bad those things turned out.

USB-C charger?

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