Anker’s new 60W USB-C GaN charger looks like the one we’ve been waiting for

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Anker’s first gallium nitride (GaN) charger — the 30W PowerPort Atom PD 1 — was interesting, largely due to its size, but it was less practical due to its low power and single USB-C port. The company’s new GaN charger, the aptly named PowerPort Atom PD 2, looks to solve most of those issues with 60W of power, a second USB-C port, and an improved design.

The changes are obvious just by looking at the Atom PD 2. Where the Atom PD 1 looks like a beefier iPhone brick, the PD 2 is more in line with one of Apple’s MacBook Pro chargers. At 60W, it’s much more suited to charging a MacBook Pro (or another USB-C laptop), too.

Image: Anker

Unlike Apple’s bundled charger, the Atom PD 2 offers two USB-C ports, instead of just one. That might not seem like much, but given the universal nature of USB-C, it’s the difference between traveling with a second charger for your phone / headphones or not. Plus, Anker says that the GaN design means that, despite the extra port, it’s still the “smallest 60W USB-C Power Delivery charger on the market.” (Although this Innergie 60C charger on Amazon would seem to contradict that claim.)

Like the original Atom PD 1, the new PD 2 charger supports the USB-C PD (Power Delivery) standard (aka the good one), meaning it should charge nearly any USB-C device at full speed, assuming it’s rated for 60W or less. Owners of the biggest and most powerful USB-C laptops that need 80W or 100W of power will still need to look elsewhere for now, but for most people, it should get the job done. The Atom PD 2 can only supply the full 60W to one device. When multiple devices are plugged in, the charger will intelligently manage power based on demand.

The Anker PowerPort PD 2 is set to go on sale on April 29th for $54.99.

Update April 24th, 5:45pm: Added note that Anker’s charger may not be the smallest 60W USB-C PD charger.

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Most wanted gadget of 2019

This is why I don’t bother with Apple phones or accessories, other companies will make proper products to get what you need without ripping you off and cheesing out as much as possible. Look at the iphone for example, Apple purposefully dragged their heels on storage for as long as possible just to get people to pay more, provide poor charging wires for same reason, crap earphones compared to competition. slow to adopt most features (water resistance and wireless charging etc.). They’re finally turning a corner on most of those things so they chose to price hike.

Not really sure WTF this has to do with Apple since you’ve been able to get an 87W USB charger from them for $79.99 for a couple of years.

To put some math behind it, that’s 30% more charging wattage for 25% more cost.

As far as accessories go, no one is forcing you to buy this, but Apple Mac owners already get one with their Mac.

Apple still use the cheapest rubber in the world for their cables though. I hope you like electrical tape.

This. You gotta wonder if the margin on their cables dollar per dollar is higher than the hardware, because that stuff is designed to wear out after 2 years. Long enough to make you think its your fault.

I’ve gone through at least 3 magsafe chargers and who knows how many "official" lightning cables, but my Anker USB-C cables are noticably thicker and although less flexible they do stand the test of time. I’m not the only one calling shenanigans.

Of all companies Apple should be most capable of making the highest quality cable but they sure know how to milk a customer once they’ve got you

I don’t get this comment. So you want Apple to make the accessories market obsolete by having perfect and affordable products across the board?

I would love that. I can’t tell you how many aftermarket lightning cables I’ve had to buy because the ones Apple provides don’t last at all. My magsafe 2 charger for the MBA mostly sits idle but somehow it got damaged enough to the point that it’s now covered in electrical tape.

The claim "smallest 60W USB-C Power Delivery charger on the market" is not correct. At least Innergie PowerGear 60C has a smaller size with PD.

Exactly. I only bring the PowerGear 60C everyday with me to work everyday and for short business trips.
It powers my Toshiba laptop, personal phone, company phone, mobile battery, and my Nintendo Switch single-handedly with ease.
And it’s MUCH, MUCH smaller than this new GaN charger.

At this point, chargers should be sold separately from devices. I have an entire shoebox full of useless basic iphone and other chargers, and a bunch of weak unused USB-C chargers. Waste.

This is what has happened in Europe for phones.

Give them away to your friends and family or list them on CL.

So they can overfill their shoe boxes on old USB chargers? We will need to burry them all where the atari 2600 ET games were dumped.

I really wish this was a 75w or 78w charger, I want something that supports 60w on one port and 15-18w (5v-3a or 9v-2a) on the other. This would be perfect for a laptop and phone combo.

The PowerPort Atom 4 sorta did this. It split 100w between two USB-C and two USB-A. They sold it for like a minute and its been out of stock ever since (literally months). This would replace the charger I keep in my bag for work and travel. It would charge my laptop, phone, tablet and watch, all at reasonable speeds.

This is the better buy IMO. I don’t want a brick that hangs in an outlet. I like being able to detach the prongs on my Apple USB-C charger to attach the long cable for when I am traveling and in a hotel. Extra length and less problems. Plus I can leave one plugged in at home and just disconnect when I need to go. No need to move furniture or stuff. Not sure about everyone else but who really has an outlet readily available to them nearby, unobstructed by anything else? Not me.

don’t want a brick that hangs in an outlet. I like being able to detach the prongs on my Apple USB-C charger to attach the long cable for when I am traveling and in a hotel. Extra length and less problems.

You know you’re describing an extension cord right? The only difference between this new Anker and the Apple charger or the PowerPort is whether it’s a standard US Type-A plug or a C7/C8 plug. It’s not like the included apple extension cord is particularly better than a universal extension cord.

Actually, I think Apple’s extension cord is a slightly better solution for those who use Apple chargers, because it locks on the charger and takes less room in a luggage.

Depends on the extension cord you’re comparing it too. A basic extension cord is thinner than the cord that comes with a Macbook brick (unless they changed this recently), and you’ve got thousands of options for length. Even these 60W bricks are still drawing less than two amps from the wall, you don’t need a heavy-gauge cord for that. The "locking" (using quotes because it’s just a rail the cord hooks over) on an Apple charger is a slight benefit, though you can also get a true locking (an extra piece connects through the hole in the flat prong) extension cord if you want something that really doesn’t come apart.

The PD4 is a literal brick though. I personally wouldn’t want to travel with a 4.1×3.3×1.3 inch / 0.85 lb charger (though it works great at my bedside).

Only one port though

I use Retrak’s 87W charger. Has the extra port and comes with a cable. Bigger than this one, but it’s the same size as Apple’s 87w.

I cant find anything else about this? Source?

How is this half the price of the one-port, 30w version?!

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