Apple may follow up this year’s rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro with a Mini-LED model in 2021

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Even before we’ve seen the first one, Apple may have a second version of its rumored 16-inch MacBook that would feature a mini-LED display planned for 2021, according to a new research note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. That’s in addition to the already rumored model Kuo predicted for release earlier this year, via 9to5Mac.

Kuo had previously broke the rumor that Apple was working on a refreshed MacBook Pro lineup, consisting of a larger model with a screen between 16 and 16.5 inches, and a 13-inch model that would offer higher specifications than Apple’s current version (including up to 32GB of RAM). According to Kuo’s original note, those laptops are planned to release later in 2019, with his latest note seeming to indicate that a more substantial update could come in 2021 featuring the new screen technology.

Kuo’s original 2019 date seemed early given that Apple’s current MacBook Pro design is barely three years old. But the current design has suffered from a fair amount of criticism, including design flaws in the keyboard (which Apple still seems to be struggling with, despite its attempts to fix it last year) as well as issues with display cables dying (dubbed “Flexgate”). And while a 2021 update for the rumored 2019 laptop seems early, it’s easy to imagine that Apple might have fast-tracked new MacBook Pro hardware ahead of its normal update cycles to in order to put those issues behind it, and then follow that up with the mini-LED version later on once that tech is perfected.

Also included in Kuo’s note is rumors of a mini-LED iPad with 10 to 12-inch screen. Kuo notes that Apple is pursuing the tech over other screen technologies like OLED to avoid burn-in issues on these larger displays (as well as, presumably, cost.)

If Apple is working on Mini-LED devices, though, we might not have long to wait to get our first look: Kuo’s other big prediction — a 31.6-inch 6K display with a “Mini LED-like backlight design” meant for pro users is still apparently on track for 2019.

Update April 9th, 10:50AM ET: Story has been corrected with details based on Ming-Chi Kuo’s actual report. This post previously claimed that Apple’s rumored 2019 MacBook Pro was delayed until 2021; Kuo’s note actually discussed a new, separate Mini-LED model rumored for release in 2021, not the previously rumored 2019 update.


Does anyone actually remember how big that old 17" MBP was? It was way too big to have any sort of useful portability.

The idea floating around right now is that the current 15.4" screen chassis could fit a 16" neatly in the same body, or close to the same body.

The 13.3 inch gaining that much screen size would be huge, like the size but feel a bit cramped on 13’s.

What is apple good at?
- design

What is apple bad at?
- keyboard sucks
- price is higher than most competitors
- from time to time software problems
- the software itself sucks

The keyboard is also design.

I wouldn’t say the software sucks, mainly compared to competitors like windows..

I don’t know…
When I am using IOS, I have to go through multiple steps to do a certain action in the computer. Windows on the other hand allows me to do most of the work in one click or swipe.

However, I have to agree that apple creates better PROGRAMS that go into the operating system such as imovie.

You’d probably be better off comparing Windows to MacOS

The software is damn good, sorry. But I agree with all the others.

Software is great. Everything else I agree. I’m still using a 2015 Pro. They need to fix the keyboard and imo ditch the Touch Bar (I feel like I’m paying for something that’s useless and nobody wants). If not I’ll be looking at a Surface Laptop (hopefully they add USB C) in a year or so.

USB-C is coming to the Surface Laptop this October.

Don’t forget that you are paying not just for the product but for "Apple Experience" so Apple Products won’t get cheaper. You want cheaper Apple device by older model. At this point it doesn’t really matter that their price is way higher than competitors, because Apple have very high reputation.

I love my 13’ screen, it’s 2017 model and does all the job in the world for me. Solid machine, but the keyboard went bananas real quick,

It’s inexcusable that the keyboard on your 2017 Mac is unreliable. I use a 13" MacBook Pro from 2013. It’s great. The 13" screen is an excellent size. You should sell your 2017 Mac and buy a used 2015 MacBook Pro with a 13" screen. Get that butterfly keyboard out of your life and use a reliable Mac instead. In the near future the resale value of 2016 – 2019 Mac laptops is going to be lousy.

The 17" was ridiculous. It was heavier than TWO 13" models and didn’t even fit in a standard sized backpack.

Huawei really gets the size perfect with the 14" 3:2 display. It actually feels much bigger than the 15" MBP in most applications because you have more useable space.

I find it so strange that Apple sticks with 16:10 while the iPads are 3:2. Widescreen is great for movies… which is what people mostly use an iPad for.

It’s a shame we don’t have more 3:2 external displays either.

16×10 feels nice at 15"

iPads are 4:3, surface pro/laptop/book are 3:2

You are correct. My bad.

I love the 3:2 screen but on a bigger computer like my 27" iMac, even 16:9 i ok. So on 15-16" I would be ok with 16:10. I would love if Huawei made a 15-16" Matebook pro x. The screen on the 13.9" modell is already feeling huge. At 15-16" it would be insane!

I was on an air plane and the 15" was too big. Granted, the airplane had the least amount of knee room I’ve ever seen. I might as well have been standing up.

and the airplane with the least amount of knee room you have ever seen is not the most use case scenario for a 15’’ laptop so… we are good.

I was on a flying tincan and my t470s felt too big to open the screen to the proper angle. And that was when I finally got why people want tablets lol.

The old 17" is significantly thicker than current design. Even if it has the same length and width but has the same thickness of the latest MacBook Pro model it would probably weight around 2.5kg as opposed to the original 3kg. If Apple decides to shrink the bezel it would weight even less, and the screen size is also likely to be smaller according to the rumor. I could easily see a 16"-ish MacBook Pro weight about the same as the 2012-2015 15" Retina MacBook Pro (2.2kg) or less.

It was way too big to have any sort of useful portability.

If you’re having to connect it to an external display everywhere you go anyways, this would be a huge upgrade in portability.

But, god damn it was cool.

I still use a 2009 17" MPB (mostly for browsing the web at this point). It’s not significantly bigger than a 15" from the same generation. Yes, big enough that it won’t fit into a 15" laptop bag, but it was a desktop replacement for crying out loud. If you needed the bigger screen, ultra-portability wasn’t your main concern.

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