Ditto is now on Pokémon Go, but you’ll have to catch a ton of Pidgeys to find it

In a last-ditch effort to get you to open up Pokémon Go for the first time since July, Niantic is adding a new species to the lineup: Ditto.

As you may recall, Ditto is the pokémon that has the ability to mimic other creatures it sees. And that’s exactly what Ditto does in the game: hide under the guise of other pokémon. In order to catch Ditto, you may have to catch a bunch of other scrub pokémon to find the real deal — even the Pidgeys and Rattatas. How else was Niantic gonna make sure you kept walking around and playing?

Once you have Ditto, you can take it to battle at the gym, where it can transform itself to copy the first pokémon it sees and retain all the moves for the remainder of the fight. If it sees another Ditto, however, things stay the same and you’ll just have to aggressively tap your way to defeating the opponent.

If your family is anything like mine, they’ll be pretty convinced Pokémon Go is still very much a thing and won’t question much if you decide you’ve had enough Thanksgiving and need to go for a Ditto hunt. At least that’ll be my excuse to step out of the room.


R.I.P MatPats latest Game Theory…

friend and i caught ditto on our first pidgey tonight. booyah

Who’s still playing this time waisting stuff? Was hyped for few months but should be dead by now.

I only just gave up… mainly because it’s just too damn cold to hold a phone out all the time now!

To be fair, most apps on peoples phones are for time wasting.

Sure other apps exist but unless you’re using duo lingo everywhere you go or something of the like its just to bide time.

Reading and commenting in the comment section on The Verge is a good time waster sometimes

I still play the game and got my Ditto this morning. It was fairly easy as well, only the 2nd or 3rd Pidgey of the day.

There is also a Double XP and Stardust even taking place until November 30th as well, so catching easy to evolve Pokemon like Rattatas and Pidgeys and evolving them is an easy way to level up.

What’s up with every article about thanksgiving including a joke about how unbearable it is to spend time with family? It’s not even exclusive to this site, I’ve seen it everywhere. I guess I kind of see where it comes from, but It’s becoming increasingly exaggerated and seems a bit like a cheap joke already.

I got one on the first night it was released.
I read about it online, opened the app and the first Rattata in my home just changed into one.

I thought it was going to be super common but so far I am not sure.

Pokemon Go? That’s so summer 2016.

First Pidgey after reading this and opening up PG

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