Google’s iOS app now recommends articles related to what you’re reading

Image: Google

Today, Google is debuting a new feature for its namesake mobile app on iOS that will recommend articles related to what you’re currently reading.

Now, as you’re on a webpage using the app, you should be able to swipe up to see additional articles that could be of interest. It’s built into the existing bottom bar that already allows you to start a fresh search or share what you’re viewing. (I was not able to swipe up and access the recommendations at the time of publishing, but Google could still be rolling it out.)

Once you swipe up on the bottom bar, a lightbox-esque display appears with automatically populated related content, without having to do any additional searches. Say you’re looking for the perfect way to roast a chicken: the app might show you other recipes or methods of preparation, which can then be accessed by a single tap.

Image: Google

No matter if you’re in a rabbit hole of reading about photography techniques or looking for where to vacation next, the new function could help with finding what you’re looking for an easier and quicker process. As of now, this search and discover feature is only available in the US on iOS. You have to be within the Google app to see it, though, so if you’re browsing with Safari, it won’t appear.

Google has been working on bolstering user personalization in its app in recent months, also introducing a news feed based on your search history and topics you choose to follow.


I hate this so much. Why can’t they let us disable it?

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