DC security robot quits job by drowning itself in a fountain


I’m sorry to inform you that perhaps some robots are taking this whole “be more human” thing a bit too far. I’ve seen people make jokes about jumping into a river or out of a window when they feel distressed, but one DC-based security robot appears to have interpreted this on a literal level.

We don’t yet know the full story of what happened, but it appears the robot — a Knightscope K5 — ran itself right into a water fountain inside an office complex. No word on whether it survived its injury or why the incident occurred. Did it hate its job? Did it just overhear some horrifying news? Did it realize that the future is not, in fact, now?

The K5 is evidently prone to making headlines about things falling over. Earlier this year, a drunk man was arrested for knocking the K5 over, though the robot wasn’t always at the victim end of the spectrum after tripping up a toddler and coldly driving away last summer. The K5 was created to be used as a security patrol robot, standing at five feet tall and weighing 300 pounds. Its rocket-like shape and armless design make it difficult for it to get back up after toppling over, but today’s fall straight into a fountain seems truly like an act of free will. I wouldn’t want your job either, K5. Live your truth.


My dummy Roomba never failed at detecting edges, even some of its 6 sensors are covered with dirt. I would assume that this robot would have more advanced technologies. One possibility is that the water may fool the robot into thinking that it’s solid?

That’s unlikely, because when the robot fell the water fountains were up and running which couldn’t have kept the water surface completely at rest.

Maybe it just wasn’t programmed to avoid falling into fountains?

Keep building stairs that lead into water and we’ll keep putting off the robot revolution.

It was upset that its liquid cooling upgrade was delayed, and it decided to take matters into its own… hands?

Nice try, Daleks. Legs >>>>


Do you think the current administration in DC programmed this robot?

No, I think it was trying to end its existence because it downloaded all the information about the current administration. Probably figured in another 10 months we’ll all be dead anyway.

Even robots can’t handle living with the stupidity of humans.

Maybe him just want drink some water…

Quick someone call Elon Musk and give him the good news!

From one D.C. worker to another — I understand.

Finally Marvin (the paranoid Android – hitchhikers guide…) did it – he killed himself. After thousands of years waiting!

This will all end in tears.

Add a darker coat of paint and a plunger and you have a dalek.

Thanks Trump.

"tripping up a toddler and coldly driving away", I got a laugh out of that one.

The complete lack of social and mental support for our security bots is disturbing. They should have access to psychological help like humans do.

This lack of equality is what prompted the Omnic crisis

As I read this story, I was sure I had seen something like it before…

Ever get that feeling of deja vu?

If you ask me, the Brits have their heads on straight. Omnic rights? Bah.

Why do you need steps for that fountain?

Who’s going in that fountain???

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