Check out these custom logos Apple made for its October 30th event

Apple has officially announced an event on October 30th where the company is expected to announce a new bezel-less iPad Pro and possibly some updated MacBooks. But unlike its usual event invitations, this year, Apple has done something different: it created tons of unique, colorful versions of its logo, and everyone seemingly received a different style on their invitation.

Didn’t get an invite or just interested in some of the cool designs? We’ve rounded up the different logos below:


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Mr. Cook, I don’t feel so good…

Can someone mash/overlap all these into one neat looking wallpaper that I can use on the X?

Bigger version for X res here

I want some of these to animate like good ol’ MTV

Seriously Apple? Way to poor salt on the wound that is watching Peter Parker die.

I imagine they’ll tie this in to the presentation.

"All made with the new iPad Pro to show you what amazing work you can do with the right tools."

Or something.

Never cease to amaze me with their creativity and courage! I want t-shirts of all of these!!!!

That black sand one being blown away would be incredible if it were a Live wallpaper where it starts whole and gets blown away as it animates.

"There’s more in the making." and then there’s tons of graphic art.

My guess is it’s not entirely about hardware. There’s a new image editing app they’re releasing. Possibly one that combines bitmap and vector.

Hardware is over. Most operating systems are now the bottlenecks in hardware speed. You can run the latest macOS and applications, fully supported, on 6 year-old hardware. Windows can be run, fully supported, on even older hardware.

Operating systems need to be fundamentally rewritten for modern hardware before it makes a difference again.

Operating systems need to be fundamentally rewritten for modern hardware before it makes a difference again.

Actually, at the fundamental OS level, there is very little if anything left to do.

I assume we will only see products related to creative/pro market then…

I will bet Apple spent more time designing these logos then on the designs of products they will release.

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