Google revives blobs, its correct emoji, as sticker packs on Gboard and Android Messages

You’re going to see a lot of emoji today now that the web has declared it the international holiday for celebrating them. But only one set of emoji is worth remotely caring about, and it’s the return of the blobmoji on Google.

Yes, technically the blobs live on via Allo, but since the messaging app’s development was put on indefinite “hold” back in April, Google’s now reviving the blobs as a sticker pack on Gboard and Android Messages. The pack includes stickers that were first introduced with Allo last year, with popular emoji like the wink and grimace, and a handful of new animated ones from the pre-Android 8.0 era.

MFW I send these to all the blobmoji haters.

And the animals! Look at this joyous, happy little octopus...

... compared to whatever the heck this octopus is supposed to make me feel.

Google killed its blob emoji last year, and it has since replaced them with a standard circular shape (read: generic) to align its offering with emoji from other operating systems. Since then, the blobs have had a slow and sad death. First, they were killed as soon as you updated to Android Oreo. Then, Google wrote this bizarre blog bidding them goodbye and using the blobs as a way to promote the doomed Allo. And earlier this summer, blobmoji began disappearing from the last remaining places, like Google Hangouts on the web.

The sticker packs won’t undo the damage done to fans of the blobs, but I suppose it’s a half step closer to being able to use emoji you best identify with where they still matter to you.


Team Blob 4eva

I am one with the blob, the blob is with me. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Now bring back the original Droidy emoji!

Yeah no I don’t think you’re gonna find as much support for that one

Stuff you all.. I live in hope!!

Blobs were the best

Also, totally missed they are letting Allo bleed out, but not surprised.

kill… me…

just looking at it depletes my soul

I suspect this is actually the Cthulhu emoji.

My thoughts exactly

Nice, so now there’s 2 packs for them… "long live the blob" and "the blobs live on"

I hated blobs from the 1st sec, they look so ugly imo and extremely hard to’read’

I just wish they weren’t animated so they could be more useful…

God blob you Google

I don’t usually plug my own stuff (here or anywhere) but I felt really strongly about it so I wrote a Medium article about the removal of the blob emojis. If you want to read it, here is the link



I love the blobs. Way better than the generic crap.

I don’t know why you guys even blobber with these corny blob jokes.

Oh FFS — these blobs are as hard to kill as cockroaches, and possibly less attractive.


How do you get these in android messages, seems its for allo only.

I’m pretty sure they’re only available if your carrier supports RCS.

Meanwhile, Google just removed the blobs from legacy Hangouts.

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