Microsoft’s new Mac vs. PC ad gets a guy named ‘Mac Book’ to diss Apple

Apple and Microsoft have a storied history of duking it out on TV, often cleverly sniping at each other in a series of iconic Mac vs. PC ads. But Microsoft’s latest campaign is a rather low blow — it apparently found a guy named Mackenzie Book (Mac Book, get it?) to testify that the Surface Laptop 2 is a better buy than a MacBook.

Imagine the audacity of combing the world for a single actor with the right name, just so you can arrive at the punchline “Mac Book says get a Surface Laptop” without an army of lawyers breathing down your throat.

Would Apple stoop to finding a “Mike Rosoft” to tout a new iPad? I think not. It’s still too busy deciding whether the iPad Pro is a computer or not! Which Microsoft has an opinion on, too.

In the meanwhile, may I suggest the image below be adapted into a meme generator? This text and this desktop background are just begging to be replaced by other things Mac Book approves of.

Update, 1:53 AM ET: Verge reader shaihalud has been kind enough to provide us all with the meme fodder:


Hey Mac Book, I’m Dad.

In all seriousness, how is any of this a diss if everything they say in the commercial is true?

I don’t think the ad is a low blow at all. That was clever. I hope Apple does find someone named Mike Rosoft to star in their own ad.

Even Mike R Soft would work

"A settlement was eventually reached, with Rowe granting ownership of the domain to Microsoft in exchange for an Xbox and additional compensation"

That’s hilarious.

Or have Mike Rowe marry a Mrs. Soft.

Sir Face

He might be a bit more expensive than Mac, but I guess they can afford it.

Yes, since they over-charge on everything then have child labor make it in China for pennies.

"I don’t think the ad is a low blow at all. That was clever."

And Budweiser is America’s best beer.

That might be very well true though.

Budweiser is their best beer…

just nobody said it was any good

Spoken by someone who’s obviously never visited and experienced the thousands of local micro-breweries that exist in an abundance seen no where else in the world, Even Canada.

I truly hope it was abundantly clear that I was being sarcastic.

Reminds me of that Apple Genius employee named "Sam Sung".

What’s Sam Sung’s fatality?

Sets himself on fire. Toasty!

I remember a Nokia employee named Sonny Ericsson in the 90’s or early 00’s.

I feel like they could have just hired a real actor, said his name was Mac Book, and ended up with a better commercial. The gag doesn’t make up for the poor acting.

It works for me because it looks like he was just grabbed off the street. Like, he just isn’t putting any effort into selling anything, which plays into the self-aware charm of the whole thing. The guy has probably been made fun of for years for his name, so he’s kinda over it and the ad isn’t hiding that from us. It’s cute.

yep, this gets a rec from me

You’re completely not interpreting into it what probably 90% of the people can interpret into it, which is what Mark LaCroix explained to you. :’D Him being utterly bored and looking like he just "stumbled" into set is the shtick.

This is what chill guys sound like in Australia.

You’re not even going to independently verify if that guy is really named Mackenzie Book? Journalism is dead.

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