Amazon is selling gas for 30 cents to promote Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and police had to intervene

Photo: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Twitter)

Amazon’s latest marketing campaign for the Prime Video series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has not gone as planned, with the Santa Monica Police briefly shutting down a 30-cents-per-gallon promotion for gas due to traffic delays caused by eager customers, according to ABC 7 reporter John Gregory. The promotion has since resumed, with Amazon now working with the city to limit the number of cars in line to keep traffic running.

The absurdly cheap gas promotion was part of “Maisel Day,” a marketing campaign from Amazon as part of its attempt to highlight the show (and its 20 Emmy nominations) ahead of the awards ceremony next month. The online retailer partnered with local Santa Monica businesses to roll back prices on things like gasoline, hotel rooms, movie tickets, milkshakes, and more to what they would have cost in 1959, when the show is set — hence, the ultra-cheap gas.

Unfortunately, it seems that the allure of filling up a tank at 30 cents a gallon was just too much for the motorists of Santa Monica — police have issued traffic warnings recommending locals avoid the area, and apparently shut down the promotion at one point due to the disruption it caused, although its since resumed. Presumably, a few of the other LA-based promotions for Maisel Day, like 30-cent hot dogs at iconic Hollywood stand Pink’s and 51-cent movie tickets at the Bay Theatre, didn’t force law enforcement to get involved.

It’s not the first time Amazon has offered 1950s-era pricing to promote the show, either. The company teamed up with the Carnegie Deli to offer discounted sandwiches in New York ahead of the season 2 premiere last winter. But that promotion went far smoother — presumably because people crowding a deli isn’t as disruptive as accidentally shutting down an entire intersection full of cars.

Update August 15th, 3:41pm: Amazon has since resumed the promotion with a more organized line for the discounted gas.


I LOVE that show. Feel free to bring those prices to DC/NOVA, Amazon. Would be especially popular here since they are setting up shop in the area soon.

Well, that marketing worked like a m* f*!

There are a million faster ways to save approximately $20.

A big one being not idling your car waiting for cheap gas.

People drive much further to save a few cents on gas, adding up to at best $1 in savings.

And it’s something I’ve never understood. Unless you’re combining it with some other valuable trip, it’s usually a waste of time, maintenance, and emissions. Or use that time to instead ride the bus once a week and save far more money.

Reducing overall consumption is the best way to save money and then you don’t have to be so price sensitive.

Never, ever underestimate the American psychotic obsession with the car.

I came here to say this.

My car takes 18 gallons, at $3.75 vs 30¢ that’s a free $62. Not many people just hand out $60… That goes a long way for a lot of people (myself included) and waiting an extra 30 minutes is actually doesn’t seem too bad if I’m in the area. But that’s just me.


You’re sitting on fumes waiting in line for cheaper gas?

The wait was MUCH longer than 30 minutes. It took us an extra hour just to drive through the congestion to get to work.

Not buying lottery tickets is a good start.

lottery tickets

Good old stupid tax.

Time is money, and my time in traffic would not be worth the savings of this deal. But I am sure for some it would.

The logic people need but don’t have.

Time is only money if you would otherwise be spending that time making money. Most people aren’t working 16+ hours a day.

If something is a major pain in the ass or a chore compared to working I’m going to use my hourly rate as a reference for whether it’s worth wasting my time on.

So your free time isn’t worth anything to you? I value mine a bit more than I make per hour.

That’s your personal valuation though, it’s not a monetary valuation.

Eh. If a client requires me to work in nights or weekends, my FreeTime Tariff is switched on. You bet it’s higher than my standard rates.

Yeah it is. I’m not waiting in line 30 minutes to save 30 bucks…my free time is precious. I’m not hourly but I make greater than 1 dollar a minute if I break it down…and I value my time of doing tedious ass shit at about a 1.50 a minute. This equates to me paying someone else to my lawn…car work etc.

I’ll buy that for a dollar.

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