Apple’s weather app won’t say it’s 69 degrees

A weather forecast on iOS 15 compared to the rounded forecast on iOS 14.6
Photo: Chaim Gartenberg / The Verge

If you’re an iPhone user, the weather is always a particularly nice 70 degrees. Or 68 degrees. Any temperature but 69 degrees, actually, because it turns out that the built-in weather app on some versions of iOS — including the current version, iOS 14.6 — will refuse to display the internet’s favorite number, even if the actual temperature in a given location is, in fact, 69 degrees, along with several other (less meme-able) numerals like 65 and 71 degrees.

It’s not clear if this is a bug or an intentional attempt from Apple to cut down on 69-related humor. The rounding is only visible in the weather app itself: clicking through to Apple’s source data from will show the proper temperature, as do Apple’s home screen widgets. But the iOS weather app will refuse to show 69 degrees anywhere in the forecast, whether it’s for the current temperature, the hourly forecast for the day, or the extended forecast.

A possible explanation for the issue (as pointed out by several people on Twitter) is that Apple may be sourcing data for its iOS Weather app in Celsius and then converting it to Fahrenheit. For example, 20 degrees Celsius converts to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, while 21 degrees Celsius converts to 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit — which rounds up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The app appears to have similar issues with temperatures like 65 degrees (where 18 degrees Celsius converts to 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit, while 19 degrees Celsius is 66.2 degrees Fahrenheit).

The Weather app on iOS 14.6 (left) and the actual source data from The Weather Channel (right)

It’s not clear when Apple introduced the rounding here. A phone running iOS 11.2.1 shows accurate data of 69 degrees, as did phones running iOS 15, so it’s possible that the issue is specific to Apple’s most recent update (or has been identified and fixed already). Other weather sources, including Dark Sky — which is owned by Apple — have no issue displaying 69 degrees, either.

The Verge has reached out to Apple for additional comment.

Update, July 13th, 12:59PM ET: Added potential explanation for the error.


Assuming this was intentional I can’t imagine the bizarre line of reasoning that could have led to implementing this as a policy. Were they also planning to have the clock skip from 4:19 to 4:21?

Lol, I’d have loved to be in the room where the manager told the engineering team that he wants a filter on "adult-content" in the weather app, and that list consisted of just "69" and "420"

For those who jumped straight to the comments (like I did), the Verge appended a possible explanation:

The app appears to have similar issues with temperatures like 65 degrees (where 18 degrees Celsius converts to 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit, while 19 degrees Celsius is 66.2 degrees Fahrenheit).

Sounds like the Sex Number isn’t the only number that has this issue.

Nothing to see here, move along (probably).

They probably should have done a bit more journalism before posting this with a click baity, dog whistle headline like the original headline: "Apple’s Weather app refuses to show the nicest temperature"

I mean… no sensible person was ever going to NOT jump straight to the comments.

They’re the Disney of phone makers.

This article is what happens when a journalist is bored and overthinks something.

This is what happens when a company that won’t let its users swear using the default keyboard builds a weather app.

No problem typing duck on my ios device… No idea what you’re talking about. /s

Now if I could get the OS to recognize that "nee" actually means new and not "née" we’d have a winner on our hands.

Mine "corrects" to either "née" or "Jew" about 75% of the time and it drives me insane.

Just go to the text replacement part in the keyboard settings and add the word you want there.

It. Just. Works.

No, it’s Apple courage to have you spending more time on your phone by setting text replacements.

Easy enough to add that to the dictionary, right? Just go to the text replacement part in the keyboard settings.

And when I type "were" (past tense of "are"), it changes it to we’re, no matter the context.

I made a text replacement so I can type "weree" and have it auto correct to "were". I know what you’re talking about and it can be annoying.

Let me save you some pain:

The iOS auto-correct is actually multi-word, even though it pretends to be single-word. The word "were" will be corrected after you enter the next 1-2 words.

When typing "Were they home?":
1. After you type "were[space]", it autocorrects to "we’re"
2. Then, after you type "they[space]", it goes back and autocorrects "we’re" to "were"

I still hate that Microsoft killed off their Word Flow keyboard for iOS. The insane amount of effort they had their Microsoft Research teams put into perfecting the Windows Phone keyboard really paid off, and I still haven’t found anything that reaches the level of Word Flow (not even SwiftKey).

It’s a shame that all that work went down the drain.

The keyboard is the number 1 thing I miss from my days on Windows Phone. It was extremely responsive, and the flow keyboard was amazing.

Mine always auto corrects "were" to "we’re" which drives me insane. "Were" is actually a word people type a lot and it changes it EVERY SINGLE TIME. I don’t get it.

This is also what happens when a company changes a gun emoji to be a toy water-gun.

I would normally agree but this is a strange error. If there’s something behind it other than a bug, then it’s definitely newsworthy because no company should do something like this.

It’s because of the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

No company is doing that, and the only reason this is an article is that its Apple.

It seems to be what happens when Chaim is asked to write anything related to Apple. Just watch any of his contributions during the Apple launch event streams. Not really much in the way of objectivity and just a non-stop list of criticism. To be fair, maybe that is partly why he was hired? For the contrarian view? I have no idea but it did stand out to me that he always seems super negative at anything Apple while someone like Dieter will offer both criticism and praise where warranted.

And that’s fine. To each their own. Apple certainly deserve their fair share of criticism but its probably a good idea to research things like this before writing this kind of an article. Or it could end up rather embarrassing as this article edit has.

Blogger != Journalist

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