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Play This

Excalibur is a fan wiki for the best ’70s TV show that never existed is a simple, Pokémon-style multiplayer game that you can play right inside Twitter

Build an aquarium in your web browser with Orb Farm

PowerWash Simulator is an oddly satisfying game that lets you clean filthy houses

Play Mackerelmedia Fish, a strangely adorable ode to dying websites

Super Mario becomes a surreal physics experiment in this free browser game

Join me in playing this addictive block-sliding game

Frost is a chill new iPhone puzzle game to zone out to

A game about AI making paperclips is the most addictive you’ll play today

AIM is on its deathbed, but Emily is Away lives on to help you mourn

This Stranger Things mobile game will help prepare you for the Upside Down

The wonderful mystery series Professor Layton makes a mostly seamless transition to mobile

The incredible virtual reality version of Superhot is coming to PS VR this summer

Spaceplan is a simple sci-fi game about saving the world and also potatoes

iPhone puzzle game Kami 2 goes perfectly with your morning coffee

The wonderfully spooky adventure game Oxenfree is now on iPhone

TypeShift is a slick and beautiful new word game for iPhone

Euclidean Lands is a clever iPhone strategy game crossed with a Rubik’s Cube

Hidden Folks is a serene, gratifying Where's Waldo? for adults

Pokémon Duel is a slick digital board game for your phone

Remedy Rush is an addictive iPhone dungeon crawler about fighting off a cold

This surreal game makes mundane places magical

This goofy game turns your entire keyboard into the controller

Deus Ex’s cyberpunk future makes for a brilliant puzzle game

Play this: the charming, relaxing Dots & Co is now on Android and iOS

There’s a new Bejeweled out on mobile, and it’s great

The studio behind Minecraft just released a free strategy game on Steam

Try this one-bit ghost ship mystery game from the developer of Papers, Please

Prism is a gorgeous, futuristic puzzle box for your iPhone

The 10 best Windows 3.1 games you can play for free in your browser now

Play this: ZType proves that typing games can be fun on phones too

Play the mobile puzzle game Threes for free in your browser