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Policy & Law

Senate passes Music Modernization Act

Tesla is reportedly under criminal investigation for Elon Musk’s tweets

FCC chairman says California’s net neutrality bill is ‘egregious’ and ‘illegal’

Google’s prototype Chinese search engine reportedly links searches to phone numbers

House lawmakers want answers from Google on censored Chinese search engine

A bipartisan group wrote to Sundar Pichai

Everything you need to know about Europe’s new copyright directive

EU approves controversial internet ‘link tax’ and ‘upload filter’

Today, the EU will vote on the future of the internet (again)

FCC pauses 180-day clock on T-Mobile and Sprint merger for additional review

The NFL may have sent fake fan letters to the FCC in 2014 to keep a sports blackout rule

Apple just permanently banned Infowars from the App Store

AT&T offers unlimited plan deal for first responders, but it can be throttled

Twitter permanently suspends Infowars and Alex Jones

US charges North Korean man in Sony hack and WannaCry ransomware attack

Apple will launch a global web portal for law enforcement requests later this year

How the antitrust battles of the ‘90s set the stage for today’s tech giants

IBM secretly used New York’s CCTV cameras to train its surveillance software

Justice Department will meet with states about tech companies allegedly ‘stifling’ ideas

Jeff Sessions will meet with state attorneys general

Bernie Sanders introduces ‘Stop BEZOS’ bill to tax Amazon for underpaying workers

A mega-merger in the prison phone industry is in the FCC’s hands

The monopoly-busting case against Google, Amazon, Uber, and Facebook

Netflix and YouTube are most throttled mobile apps by US carriers, new study says

How Amazon and eBay became a tax haven for Chinese sellers

It’s time to break up Facebook

Texas and New York City are slashing inmate phone call rates

California is leading the state-by-state fight for net neutrality

Four Tinder plaintiffs drop out of lawsuit because Match might have quietly changed their contracts

California passes strongest net neutrality law in the country

California is close to approving the strongest net neutrality law in the US

Sen. Orrin Hatch is telling the FTC to investigate Google after Trump’s ‘bias’ attacks

Trump claims he’s losing social media followers because of Google, Facebook, and Twitter censorship

“All of a sudden you lose people and you say, ‘Where did they go?’ They’ve taken off.”

Telecom-backed group defends anti-net neutrality robocalls to seniors

Amazon accuses Sen. Bernie Sanders of misrepresenting worker pay, tells workers to send him positive stories

How should we regulate facial recognition?

Ford asked the government about giving police cars an off switch for mandatory EV noise rule

Trump says Google, Twitter, and Facebook are on ‘troubled territory’ and ‘better be careful’

Microsoft’s president explains how the Gab shutdown notice went from customer support to his desk

Ajit Pai killed net neutrality but still wants you to love the FCC

Inside the United Nations’ effort to regulate autonomous killer robots