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From platform moderation on Facebook and YouTube to big government struggles like the FCC and privacy regulation, policy is where we take on the rules of the internet. Watch here to follow Ajit Pai's ongoing fight against net neutrality, and Europe's push to protect its citizens' data with the GDPR. We're tracking broadband speeds to look for carrier throttling, making sure your connection stays clean. We're tracking moderation and free speech online, making sure the policies match up with what's happening in the real world. The law isn't always made with the internet in mind, and with antitrust and monopoly concerns overwhelming tech giants, there aren't many powers left standing up for the open web. So check in here to keep an eye on those stories, and we'll make sure you stay ahead of the rules of the internet — even the weird and confusing ones.

The FBI will brief state officials in future election hacks

Nancy Pelosi calls Facebook an accomplice for ‘misleading the American people’

Wikipedia is back online in Turkey after two-year ban is overturned

The Craigslist of guns: inside the online “gun show that never ends”

Armslist: the online marketplace of guns

Chris Evans started a new site about politics because he thinks Wikipedia entries are too long

Avengers, assemble

Senators won’t be trusted to keep eyes off their phones during Trump impeachment trial

Go read this Vice article about how to securely organize your workplace

Chief Justice Roberts wants to know if ‘OK Boomer’ counts as age discrimination

Instagram is hiding faked images, and it could hurt digital artists

Facebook’s problems moderating deepfakes will only get worse in 2020

Instagram messages on the web could pose an encryption challenge

Trump accuses Apple of refusing to unlock criminals’ iPhones, setting the stage for a fight

Yahoo parent Verizon promises it won’t track you with OneSearch, its new privacy-focused search engine