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Facebook hashing out settlement with FTC over privacy violations

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According to Wall Street Journal, the company is working out a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission.

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Sure, Facebook is a great way to cyber-stalk the people you used to date, but to do so you have to make some trade-offs in the privacy department -- the most vexing of which might be the ol' "retroactive change in privacy settings." Well, according to The Wall Street Journal, the social network is working out a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission that would require consent from you, the user, if Facebook were to pull that stunt in the future. Additionally, the agreement is said to require that the company submit to third-party privacy audits for the next 20 years. The suit dates back to 2009, when users profiles were changed to make certain info (including pictures, city, and friends list) public. Of course, this was what made the aforementioned cyberstalking so easy in the first place! And thus, the circle is complete...