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Apple adds Kindle Fire to 'App Store' trademark lawsuit against Amazon

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Apple is adding a new set of complaints — including false advertising in connection with the Kindle Fire — to its ongoing "App Store" trademark dispute with Amazon.

Kindle Fire Amazon Appstore
Kindle Fire Amazon Appstore

Apple sued Amazon over the name of its Appstore for Android in March, and after being denied an injunction this past July, it's roping the Kindle Fire into the fray with a new set of complaints. Charges of false advertising are being added to the mix, with Apple focusing particularly on changes in Amazon's branding: while the retailer had originally advertised its online software shop as the "Amazon Appstore for Android," it has recently deemphasized, or dropped altogether, the "for Android" differentiator — most noticeably when promoting the Fire. Apple alleges the change — and the continued use of the Appstore name in general — has caused irreparable harm to its iOS (and now Mac) App Store brand. We'll see if the courts agree.