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Bradley Manning's accuser testifies in WikiLeaks trial

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Ex-hacker Adrian Lamo has testified in a pretrial hearing for Bradley Manning, who faces court-martial for allegedly releasing hundreds of thousands of classified US documents to WikiLeaks.

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It's been over a year since Bradley Manning was arrested for allegedly leaking hundreds of thousands of US government documents to WikiLeaks. Now, on the fifth day of the hearing that will determine whether Manning faces court-martial, ex-hacker Adrian Lamo has testified about turning over the chat logs that led to Manning's arrest. Wired has a writeup of the testimony, including questions about whether Lamo was acting under a promise of journalistic or ministerial confidentiality and his relationship with law enforcement.

Wired has a long-standing relationship with Lamo, and was the first news outlet to publish chat logs between him and Manning. In the chats, Manning allegedly confessed that he had given WikiLeaks classified documents, including 260,000 diplomatic cables and a video since dubbed "Collateral Murder" showing an airstrike in which US soldiers killed two Reuters journalists. Lamo's testimony is hardly the only piece of evidence against Manning, but he continues to play a pivotal role in the WikiLeaks hearings.