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When remix culture becomes mainstream culture, is copyright doomed?

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With unauthorized cover songs, fanfiction, and file-sharing ubiquitous despite their dubious legal status, can copyright law survive a generation raised on remix culture?

Biting Pear Pulp Fiction:
Biting Pear Pulp Fiction:

With a chronologically-ordered edit of Pulp Fiction making the rounds online, writer Andy Baio has come to the conclusion that existing copyright policy is as doomed as Prohibition. Baio sees the "no copyright infringement intended" messages that adorn supercut videos, cover songs, or fanfiction — all almost certainly illegal, according to him — as a sign of young Internet denizens' instinctual acceptance of remixing and noncommercial sharing, a mindset that persists despite the best efforts of media companies. When a generation raised on fan films and file-sharing comes of age, Baio asks, will it be possible to stop an activity that's seen as both expected and unobjectionable?

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