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Obama administration may declassify key court order on NSA surveillance, says NPR

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white house storm
white house storm

Following continued demands for more transparency, the Obama administration is said to be considering declassifying a secret court order that would shed light upon recent leaks. According to NPR, the administration may release an order that permits the NSA to gather phone call records on millions of American citizens. The order would apparently expand upon the leaked Verizon court order by explaining specific constraints on the surveillance program, as well as the safeguards in place to protect US citizens' rights and privacy.

In light of last week's leaks, the administration has continued to offer examples of the legality and oversight of the NSA surveillance programs. Additionally, the US has also signaled some willingness to relax the secrecy around FISA requests. Yesterday, Facebook and Microsoft reached an agreement with the government that allows the companies to publish the number of surveillance requests they receive, provided they obscure the data by mixing it in with non-secret requests. In the meantime, some members of Congress are aiming higher than giving the public tokens of transparency; last week, a bipartisan group of prominent senators announced a bill that would declassify the court opinions giving the NSA its surveillance powers.