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TikTok assures Republicans it’s working to protect US data security

Biden to call on FTC to protect abortion seekers’ data privacy

Airline cancellations are spiking as July Fourth looms

Unsettled: the Afghan refugee crisis collides with the American housing disaster

The Afghan refugee crisis collides with the American housing disaster

Homeland: a special series from The Verge

A special series exploring two decades of American life under the Department of Homeland Security

Google spam proposal sparks partisan backlash in Washington

Senator posts cryptocurrency bill on GitHub, chaos ensues

The US needs a common charger, Dems say

Congress might finally have a deal on data privacy

John Oliver exposes how Google and Amazon stifle competition

How to watch Congress’ public January 6th hearings

Tech antitrust is facing its biggest challenge yet in the Senate

How Ukraine’s wide use of cryptocurrency is playing out during the war

With Michael Chobanian, the president of the Blockchain Association of Ukraine

MiamiCoin crypto lost 88 percent of its value in less than a year

Senate confirms Bedoya to FTC, establishing Democratic majority

Elon Musk: ‘I guess I would’ reverse Donald Trump’s Twitter ban

Biden announces new partnership to expand broadband access

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene throws support behind Section 230 repeal bill

Leftist gimmick accounts want their tweets to influence politics, too

Conservative Twitter accounts got boost in followers after Musk acquisition, data shows

Trump says he won’t leave Truth Social, despite Musk’s Twitter takeover

Florida Gov. DeSantis revokes Disney’s special tax status

Florida votes to strip Disney of its special tax status

This firm made Republicans go viral — now it’s falling apart

Some workers were paid late, while others were berated by Benny Johnson

A former Foxconn executive tries to explain what went wrong in Wisconsin

A plan to revive US manufacturing gone wrong

Sen. Warren pushes TurboTax for answers about its efforts to block free tax filing

Pro-Biden super PAC launches six-figure paid influencer program

California governor has been interfering in Activision Blizzard lawsuit

Disney’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ misstep threatens to overshadow Chapek’s reign as CEO

Secret Republican group budgets millions for media and influencer programs

Biden group launches TikTok account to boost the president’s agenda

Two top Truth Social execs resign from the company