Nintendo 3DS XL

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It shouldn't come as a surprise to see Nintendo launch a new 3DS revision less than 18 months after the original console — after all, the company waited almost exactly the same length of time before following up the DS with the DS Lite. Where that revision sought to slim down the DS to a sleeker, more portable form factor, however, the first 3DS upgrade goes in the opposite direction. The 3DS XL (or LL in Japan) is ostensibly identical to its predecessor in every way beyond a ballooning in...

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Basic Specs

Form Factor Flip
Screen size (diagonal) 4.88 inches, 4.18 inches
3D enabled Yes
Touchscreen type Resistive
Game media type Cartridge, Internal / Downloads
Backwards compatibility DS

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Tech Specs

Also Known As...

Alias 3DS LL


Form Factor Flip
Length 3.66 inches
Width 6.14 inches
Thickness 0.87 inches
Weight 0.74 pounds
Color Blue, Red
Primary orientation Landscape
Sensors Accelerometer, Gyroscope


Screen size (diagonal) 4.88 inches, 4.18 inches
3D enabled Yes
Technology LCD, LCD
Resolution (longer) 800 px, 320 px
Resolution (shorter) 240 px, 240 px
Touchscreen type Resistive


GPU brand Digital Media Professionals
GPU model PICA200


Controls D-Pad, Shoulder buttons, Stylus
Analog stick(s) 1


Wi-Fi Yes
Wi-Fi support 802.11g, 802.11b
IR Yes


Speaker(s) Stereo
Built-in mic Yes


Internal storage 1 GB
External storage Yes
Supported memory cards SD, SDHC


Game media type Cartridge, Internal / Downloads
Backwards compatibility DS
Online multiplayer Yes
Online store Yes


Headphone jack 3.5mm
Data connections Proprietary

Rear Camera

Video resolution VGA
3D capture Yes

Front Camera

Video Resolution VGA


Removable battery Yes
Battery type Proprietary
Capacity 1750 mAh

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No recent discussions about Nintendo 3DS XL.

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  • 10.0
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    Reviewed by KamranMackey (Currently owns)

    The Nintendo 3DS XL is an awesome upgrade from the first Nintendo 3DS. The XL has a brand new design, screens that are 90% bigger than the ones on the first 3DS, and much better battery life than the first 3DS. And I love it. I got my 3DS XL in September of 2012, and I really like it alot. I really love the bigger screens when it comes to playing Nintendo 3DS games, and the design of the 3DS XL is much better than the design on the first Nintendo 3DS. The speakers on it are amazing, and the OS and the game selection is amazing as well. I also really love the battery life. I can't go on to explain how much I love the Nintendo 3DS XL. I highly recommend you get it if you haven't already. It's a fantastic handheld gaming console.

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    • Design 10
    • Display(s) 10
    • Software 10
    • Game selection 10
    • Controls 10
    • Camera(s) 10
    • Speakers 10
    • Performance 10
    • Battery life 10
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