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The deluge of competitors to the MacBook Air’s throne shows no sign of slowing, and while the jury’s still out on whether an ultrabook has yet to truly best Apple’s wunder-device there have been a number of attractive options. Consider the IdeaPad U310, successor to the IdeaPad U300s we checked out (and enjoyed) in November — albeit with new hardware and a few budget-minded compromises. The U310 is powered by a dual-core Ivy Bridge processor, 4GB of RAM and equipped with a 500GB...

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Basic Specs

Laptop type Mainstream
Thickness 0.71 inches
Weight 3.75 pounds
Operating system Windows 7
Screen size (diagonal) 13.3 inches
CPU brand Intel
Graphics type Integrated
Integrated GPU model GMA HD 3000
Optical drive type External
The Verge Battery Test 7:10

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Tech Specs


Laptop type Mainstream
Width 13.11 inches
Depth 8.86 inches
Thickness 0.71 inches
Weight 3.75 pounds
Color Gray, Pink, Blue


Operating system Windows 7

Display (base)

Screen size (diagonal) 13.3 inches
Technology LCD
Resolution (X) 1366 px
Resolution (Y) 768 px


Type Chiclet
Number pad No


Type(s) Trackpad

Processor (base)

CPU brand Intel

GPU (base)

Graphics type Integrated
Integrated GPU brand Intel
Integrated GPU model GMA HD 3000


Base RAM size 2 GB
Max. config RAM size 4 GB
RAM type DDR3
Base RAM speed 1600 MHz
RAM slots 1


Options HDD (5400RPM), Flash Memory (SSD)
Base drive type HDD (5400RPM)
Base drive capacity 320 GB
Max. config HDD 500 GB
Max. config SSD 32 GB
Card reader Yes
Card reader support SD, MMC

Optical Drive

Optical drive type External


Speakers 2
Audio brand Dolby Home Theater v4


Effective pixels 1 megapixels
Video resolution 720p

Port options

USB 3.0 2
Ethernet 1
Ethernet type 10/100/1000 (Gigabit)
3.5mm headphone 1
3.5mm line-in / microphone 1


Wi-Fi Yes
Wi-Fi options 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b
Bluetooth Optional


Size 4 cell
Quoted time 8 hr


PCMarkVantage 6916
3DMarkVantage (IGP) 2402
3DMark06 (IGP) 4191
The Verge Battery Test 7:10

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No recent news about Lenovo IdeaPad U310.

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No recent discussions about Lenovo IdeaPad U310.

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    Reviewed by Gadget13 (Currently owns)

    I bought the IdeaPad U310 6 months ago primarily due to the fact that Lenovo offered a good price (<$700 discounted from retail price of about $1.1K) for a 13 in ultrabook with 4GB RAM, i5 cpu. I like that the design is sleek and compact, and it is reasonably lightweight. I also like the pastel colors of the covers, and the white colored case. HOWEVER, there are 3 major flaws in this laptop, that in hindsight, had I paid more attention earlier, would probably have prompted me to return the item for a refund, and gotten myself a Dell or a Sony instead. 1) WIFI device is substandard -- it is slow to connect and not supported in some areas such as IBM offices. 2) Keyboard design did not seem to have undergone thoughtful human factors testing -- they made the keys way too soft and ultra sensitive even when I changed the settings in control panel. Return and Shift Keys on the right hand side have also been compressed to about half their sizes on standard keyboards to give way for the 4 up/down right/left arrow keys which is a redundancy because other keys on the right hand side provide the same navigation functions. These 2 issues cause a lot of grief specially when typing documents for touch typists since a very slight tap of even the side of the pinkie on the arrow key intended for the Shift key causes the cursor to jump elsewhere on the document messing up everything. One then has to constantly pay attention to they keyboard while typing and have to get used to backtracking and correcting when the cursor jumps, which happens often enough to be annoying. 3) Video Streaming is a PAIN -- it is slower, more pixelated, starts and stops and in some instances, can't even connect - NetFlix, You Tube, Amazon, Hulu, IMDB, Flash Player. And it has nothing to do with the OS - a friend has Windows on Dell and can stream videos excellently. It has nothing to do with the Internet Provider since I also stream videos on my Mac excellently. It has nothing to do with HW specs since my Mac has 4GB RAM and i5 CPU as well -- and I expected IdeaPad to perform just as well, but failed miserably. Because of these issues, I recommended that a friend NOT buy U310 or U410 regardless of the great price it offered.

    The Breakdown

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 7
    • 8
    • 9
    • 10
    • Design 8
    • Keyboard 2
    • Touchpad 4
    • Display 6
    • Performance 2
    • Heat / noise 6
    • Battery life 5
    • Software 5
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