Sony PlayStation 3 (2012)

Basic Specs

3D enabled Yes
Audio / Video playback DVD, Blu-ray, CD
Controller connection Wireless, Wired
Game media Disc

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Tech Specs

Also Known As...

Alias CECH-4000A, CECH-4000B


Width 11.42 inches
Depth 9.06 inches
Height 2.36 inches
Weight 4.63 pounds
Color Black, White
Exterior surface Glossy


CPU model Cell Broadband Engine
GPU model RSX
GPU ram 256 MB
RAM 256 MB


Wi-Fi Yes
Wi-Fi support 802.11g, 802.11b
Bluetooth Yes

Audio / Video

Supported resolutions 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i
3D enabled Yes
Audio / Video playback DVD, Blu-ray, CD


Audio / Video output Proprietary, HDMI, Digital optical
Controller connection Wireless, Wired
Wireless connection type Bluetooth
Ethernet Yes


Internal storage 12 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB
User upgradeable Yes


Game media Disc
Online multiplayer Yes
Online store Yes


Power supply Integrated

Bundled Accessories

Bundled Accessories Wireless Controller (Dualshock 3)

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No recent news about Sony PlayStation 3 (2012).

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  • 6.0
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    Reviewed by TheS2Guy (Previously owned)

    I wound up selling my PS3 so I could buy my Wii U and am not at all disappointed about my decision. It lacked a range of games with most of them being fairly uninspired sequels or FPS which don't interest me. The controller is also one of the worst ever made, it is impossible to fit comfortably into your hands no matter how hard you try. On the plus, it made a lovely DVD/Bluray player.

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    • Design 6
    • Software 7
    • Game selection 5
    • Controls 2
    • Performance 9
    • Heat / noise 9
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