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How an off-road rally for women keeps EVs rolling using clean energy

Sustainably charging electric vehicles and providing power to over 250 people for eight days in the middle of the desert is no easy task. Renewable Innovations has the answer.

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Formula E racer Stoffel Vandoorne says his team wasn’t trying to steal data.

Over the weekend, Formula E team DS Penske was caught having installed an RFID scanner in the pit lane that could grab “live data from all other cars” and the team was penalized.

Vandoorne accepted responsibility, says Autosport, but said his team wasn’t doing anything others weren’t already:

We were just trying to check what set of tyres others were using, which you can do with a normal camera. The other teams are doing that, they are using photographers in the pitlane. We found a clever way, or an easy way, and we paid a big price for that.

Vandoorne finished the Portland race in 12th place, while his teammate, Jean-Eric Vergne, placed 11th.

A sneaky Formula E team got caught secretly collecting tire data from the other cars with an RFID scanner.

Racers Stoffel Vandoorne and Jean-Éric Vergne’s team, DS Penske, was hit with a €25,000 fine and a pit lane start for today’s Portland race after it surreptitiously used RFID scanners to collect live data from other cars’ tires during the qualifying round.

RFID chips, says Rubber Journal Asia, collect data about tire temperature, pressure, and more.

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The German magazine that published a fake AI interview with Michael Schumacher just fired its editor.

In a statement provided to CNN, Die Aktuelle says it has fired its editor-in-chief after running the tabloid for over a decade. Last week, Schumacher’s family threatened to sue the magazine after it claimed it spoke with the F1 legend for the first time since he suffered a brain injury in 2013.

We were all fans of Ken Block

Ken Block, who died tragically in a snowmobile accident this week, was an entrepreneur, a racer, and a social media god. But at his core, he was always an enthusiast. We were all fans.