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Razer finally heard us — it’s overhauling Synapse.

It’s the desktop peripheral control app PC gamers love to hate. Now Razer says a new streamlined version of Synapse, rewritten for multithreaded CPUs and coming Q4, is 30 percent faster. Razer’s breaking out a standalone Chroma RGB app too.

“Every single person, ourselves included, complained that when you plug in a new piece of hardware, you have to update the drivers in Synapse,“ says spokesperson Will Powers. “Not anymore.” Check the gallery below for a peek.


Razer’s wallpaper engine is adding type-to-paint generative AI.

“Vibrant and energetic graffiti on the wall” created the PC wallpaper you see below, the company claims, whose colors you can one-click propagate across Chroma RGB devices.

It’s called Axon Create, and it uses I asked and they wouldn’t let me try it ahead of announcement, but you can apparently try it today.

Razer promises to add nutrition labels to ALL its gaming hardware.

Not for eating! It’s so you can see the carbon footprint, water, mineral, and fossil usage of your new mouse or keyboard (or laptop?) right on the box, starting with the DeathAdder v2 X Hyperspeed.

Razer spokesperson Will Powers says it’ll be a slow rollout, as Razer has to get UL EcoLogo certification on each and every product, but that process is “baked into R&D going forward.”


Razer’s new flagship mouse isn’t a Logitech rip.

Razer’s flagship Basilisk mice were, to put it mildly, inspired by the best-selling Logitech G502. But the new $130 Cobra Pro is once again happily a Razer design through and through.

The sculpting hearkens back to the famous DeathAdder and the more recent Viper, though now with Chroma RGB underglow — not to mention wired, wireless 2.4GHz and Bluetooth modes, up to 170 hours of (quoted) battery life, optional wireless charging, optical switches, and a 30K optical sensor.

From left to right: Razer Cobra Pro, Razer Basilisk V3 Pro, Logitech G502 Lightspeed.
From left to right: Razer Cobra Pro, Razer Basilisk V3 Pro, Logitech G502 Lightspeed.
Images: Razer, Logitech
Razer is coming for Dbrand’s gig.

Decorative skins for gadgets like laptops, games consoles, and mobile phones, are now available to purchase in the US and Canada at Razer’s website, Razer stores, and select retailers.

This is typically Dbrand’s territory, but the gadget skin producer isn’t worried. “We don’t care,” said a Dbrand robot in a statement to The Verge. That’s it, that’s the entire statement.

Has Razer fixed its fingerprint problem?

Razer has announced new Mercury Editions of its flagship Blade 16 and Blade 18 gaming laptops. These look similar to the Razer Blades we know and love, but they swap out the standard black for a whiteish-grayish color.

A complaint I always have about the black Razer Blade models is that they pick up fingerprints very easily, and often end up looking a bit gross. Lighter-colored laptops are better about this, and if I were buying a Blade, this is the color I would go for.

The Razer Blade 16 and Razer Blade 18 Mercury Editions hovering off the floor, back to back, on a black tile background displaying a white Razer logo.
For some reason I thought Mercury was red? I Googled and it turns out that’s Mars. The more you know?
Image: Razer
If you remember these old Razer products then it’s time to buy a wrinkle cream.

Razer has uploaded a 90-minute-long Twitter video showcasing the brand's entire collection of product trailers, starting from the 2012 Razer BlackShark headset. I dipped at around six minutes when my beloved Sabertooth controller appeared.

You obviously can’t buy some of the older products anymore, but it’s interesting to see how Razer’s RGB-plastered peripherals have developed over the last decade.

April Fools’ 2023: The Razer Razer.

A bit obvious, and I’m surprised if they hadn’t done this one already.

The only gaming mouse with both Chroma RGB and 360 fps (follicles per second), etc.

From Razer’s FAQ:

The performance buff of the Razer Razer will gradually fade as your hair regrows. However, if you’d like to immediately perform worse, we recommend temporarily switching to non-Razer products.

Trying out something new!

Hi, readers and viewers! We’re experimenting with bringing you summarized video versions of our gadget reviews. Feel free to drop a comment and let us know what you think of this format.

First up, Monica’s review of the truly impressive (and pricey) Razer Blade 18.

The Verge
You can now buy a Razer Edge 5G cloud gaming handheld on Verizon.

How much will you pay for the 144Hz 5G UW Android gaming handheld?

Verizon customer? $10/month over 36 months + $10/month for service after three free months = $690 over three years

New customer? $10/month over 36 months + $90/month for service after three free months = $3,330 over three years

Don’t forget $20/month for GeForce Now Ultimate or $15/month for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.