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After years of moving fast and breaking things, governments around the world are waking up to the dangers of uncontrolled tech platforms and starting to think of ways to rein in those platforms. Sometimes, that means data privacy measures like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or more recent measures passed in the wake of Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal. On the smaller side, it takes the form of specific ad restrictions, transparency measures, or anti-tracking protocols. With such a broad problem, nearly any solution is on the table. It’s still too early to say whether those measures will be focused on Facebook, Google, or the tech industry at large. At the same time, conservative lawmakers are eager to use accusations of bias as a way to influence moderation policy, making the specter of strong regulation all the more controversial. Whatever next steps Congress and the courts decide to take, you can track the latest updates here.

Meta’s Giphy acquisition will likely stay blocked after UK appeals court ruling

New York state passes first-ever ‘right to repair’ law for electronics

Regulators sue Winklevoss crypto firm over futures contracts

Fewer Americans think Big Tech should have more regulations

New EU rules would require chat apps to scan private messages for child abuse

The EU could start enforcing rules to regulate Big Tech in spring 2023

Apple Pay is anticompetitive, says EU in preliminary ruling

FCC opens apartments up to more broadband competition

Google’s Privacy Sandbox ad-tracking overhaul clears major regulatory hurdle

New algorithm bill could force Facebook to change how the news feed works

Tesla recalling ‘Boombox’ feature that obscures pedestrian warning noise

FCC unanimously approves ‘nutrition labels’ for broadband services

Amy Klobuchar leads her final assault on Big Tech’s power

Lawmakers approve Big Tech antitrust overhaul, but with strings attached

Democrats unveil bill to ban online ‘surveillance advertising’

US competition enforcers launch overhaul of merger approval process

The FCC’s still in a stalemate a year into Biden’s presidency

Can we regulate social media without breaking the First Amendment?

Jameel Jaffer, executive director of the Knight First Amendment Institute, helps us answer the question

As tech founders resign, Congress loses its favorite targets

But they stand to gain a real chance at change

Frances Haugen is kicking Congress into gear on 230 reform

Frances Haugen will testify before Congress again this week

FCC approves $6 billion Verizon-Tracfone acquisition

Biden’s FCC is still deadlocked, and net neutrality hangs in the balance

Antitrust advocate Zephyr Teachout launches bid for New York attorney general

Controversial Bitcoin tax provision passes Congress with infrastructure bill

Amazon Flex drivers will start getting checks for $60 million in withheld tips

The free laptop program built into the Biden reconciliation plan

AOC calls Facebook a ‘cancer to democracy’ after Meta rebrand

TikTok and Snap want to prove they’re not Facebook

Biden appoints Jessica Rosenworcel to lead the FCC

Eight things we learned from the Facebook Papers

A massive new document release shows chaos and confusion inside the world’s most powerful social network

Regulators demand more info about tech payment systems