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Former Kotaku writers are launching a new video game site — and they own it this time

They’ve started Aftermath, a new website about video games and culture.

The EV transition trips over its own cord

EV sales are skyrocketing, more than 100 models are on sale, and charging infrastructure is getting better. So why does everything seem so precarious all of a sudden?

Dough doesn’t pass the smell test

Eve, the monitor and tablet company that some accuse of walking away with their money, hasn’t fixed its reputation.

Why Thread is Matter’s biggest problem right now

The Thread protocol offers a robust mesh network designed to solve many of the smart home’s biggest problems. But only if everyone can agree on how to use it.

Framework Laptop 16: our exclusive hands-on

We upgraded a laptop GPU with a snap — and six screws.

How Jsaux rode the Steam Deck to escape the Amazon wilderness

A Chinese accessory maker with an alphabet-soup name struck while the iron was hot. Now, it wants to be the next Anker.

AI is killing the old web, and the new web struggles to be born

The capacity of AI to generate content is overwhelming the web

The Mac Pro ends the Apple Silicon transition, but it’s just one step in a much bigger journey

Apple has completed the Mac’s move away from Intel. Now it needs to prove Mac Pro upgrades can keep up with pro users.

What’s so ‘pro’ about Apple’s Vision Pro headset?

Apple needs developers to make the case for its new augmented reality headset.

A short history of every time Apple CEO Tim Cook praised augmented reality

The rumored debut of a ‘Reality Pro’ headset is right around the corner, but Tim Cook has been singing the praises of AR for years.