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The Zoom installer let a researcher hack his way to root access on macOS

Forget those Tesla crashes: GM says you can trust its autonomous vehicles

Blake Masters is splitting the difference between Donald Trump and Peter Thiel

‘An engine for the imagination’: the rise of AI image generators

Biden’s climate plan is back, and it’s all about building things

Ready or not, the Glassholes are coming back

Is the world finally prepared for hands-free cameras?

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Tech journalism’s accessibility problem

The problem is clear, but the solutions are complicated

The future of cars is a subscription nightmare

The GPU shortage is over

Nvidia and AMD graphics cards are again within reach

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Meet the modder making $20,000 a month bringing the biggest games to VR

The internet is a constant recommendations machine — but it needs you to make it work

Why can’t the internet tell you what to read, watch, and eat? Because you’re complicated

Are Hyper’s stackable USB-C chargers melting?

The biggest privacy risks in post-Roe America

Our best advice for staying safe while you’re seeking abortion care

SpaceX firings likely violate US labor law, experts say

Self-driving cars crash, too, but figuring out what it means requires much better data

Firefox and Chrome are squaring off over ad-blocker extensions

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The freelance artist behind a million-dollar NFT collection

Antoine Mingo created the art behind Pudgy Penguins — but he hasn’t shared in all of its success

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How to frame your NFT

Finding a physical place for your digital art is harder than it sounds

A Supreme Court speech showdown is coming, and nobody knows what to expect

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Why a $30 million CryptoPunks auction fell apart at the last minute

Google contractors say a recruiting company has been systematically skimming their pay

‘Unless you initiate the investigation and make the case, nothing happens,’ one contractor says

Valve says you shouldn’t fix the Steam Deck’s noisy fan this way

Drop’s new mechanical keyboard keycaps are a different take on a familiar design

There’s a new keycap style in town: DCX

GM’s electric delivery van just set a world record — with me riding shotgun

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When the virtual city of Cybertown went dark, its citizens rebuilt it

‘It’s great to see old familiar names again’

Insteon’s troubles are a smart home tale as old as time

A year after LG left the smartphone business, Samsung is the big winner

The Galaxy got even bigger

A series of patent lawsuits is challenging the history of malware detection

Cybersecurity firm Webroot claims that competitors’ software infringes on a decades-old patent

Explaining crypto’s billion-dollar bridge problem

What are blockchain bridges, why do they keep getting hacked, and can we ever stop it from happening?

The era of fixing your own phone has nearly arrived

Fresh off big wins with Google, Samsung and Valve, iFixit says more parts deals are nigh

Axie Infinity’s financial mess started long before its $600 million hack

The real magic mouse is made by Logitech, not Apple

And it hasn’t changed since 2017