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New Lyft app will give directions to scooters, public transit in Santa Monica

Uber changes its logo and redesigns its app

Vertical Aerospace makes ‘flying cars’ with more grounded aspirations

Mercedes-Benz’s new mobility concept is autonomous, electric, modular, and ugly

Lyft rolls out its first electric scooters in Denver

The company is playing catch-up in a flush market

Uber is going to turn your smartphone into an automatic crash detector

Ofo is being sued by Chinese bike manufacturer for $10 million in unpaid bills

Scooters will return to San Francisco, but Bird and Lime aren’t invited

Uber narrows its search for international city to host ‘flying taxis’

Bird flooded cities with electric scooters, and now it wants to help them better manage the influx

Toyota will invest $500 million in Uber in deal to put self-driving cars on the road

China’s Didi suspends Hitch carpool service after the murder of a female passenger

Scooter companies are trying to rehabilitate their reputations as cities crack down