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Tesla is buzzing with robot fever.

Elon Musk’s company is getting ready to debut its supposedly not-fake humanoid robot, Optimus, during its “AI Day” event September 30th. What evidence do we have that it won’t just be another a person in a spandex robot costume doing an extremely awkward dance? There have been meetings! And job postings! And Elon tweeted that there may be a working prototype! Look, this will either be a major breakthrough in the field of robotics or a spectacular flop. But considering Musk has already solved the problem of self-driving cars, I’m inclined to— what’s that? [touches earpiece] I’m being told he hasn’t solved the problem of self-driving cars? And that humanoid robots could prove even more difficult? Oh well, then bring on the spandex dancers I guess.

James VincentSep 14
Neither snow nor rain nor active crime scene will stay these robot couriers...

Last-mile delivery robots are still trying to prove their worth, but here’s one apparent advantage: they can enter crime scenes. It’s a bit odd that the police didn’t stop the bot, especially as we don’t know whether a computer or human was driving.

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It seems like Amazon’s planning on expanding its robot army even further.

A few months after announcing its next-gen robots, the company has purchased one of the companies that made some of its pallet-stacking machines.

A visit to the human factory

How to build the world’s most realistic robot

James VincentMay 4


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Deebot X1 Omni review: the do-everything robot vacuum

This $1,550 robot can mop, vacuum, clean itself, and find you in your home

Jennifer Pattison TuohyApr 24

They’re putting guns on robot dogs now

It was only a matter of time

James VincentOct 14, 2021

Before Astro, these were the robots people invited home

Amazon says Astro is a home robot — how does it stack up to its predecessors?

Mitchell ClarkSep 30, 2021