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Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot has been taught to pee beer on command

The French army is testing Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot in combat scenarios

Boston Dynamics unveils Stretch: a new robot designed to move boxes in warehouses

The robots are coming for your office

A conversation with NYT’s Kevin Roose on how robotic automation will impact our future

Hyundai is getting serious about building a ‘walking car’ with four legs

Boston Dynamics’ Spot adds self-charging to live at remote sites forever

There are also new browser-based controls and a robotic arm attachment

Walmart is expanding its robot-powered fulfillment centers to ‘dozens of locations’

Samsung is making a robot that can pour wine and bring you a drink

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Boston Dynamics robots take over the dance floor in latest video

Dancing queen machine

Hyundai takes control of Boston Dynamics in $1.1B deal

As the pandemic continues, cleaning robots are showing up for duty at the office

Robot wolves prevent Japanese bear attacks, are also very creepy

Walmart is giving up on shelf-scanning robots in favor of humans

This robot fry chef on rails can be yours for $30,000

Toyota’s robot butler prototype hangs from the ceiling like a bat

iRobot is giving its vacuum cleaners a new AI-powered brain

Please remain calm while the robot swabs your nose

Amazon expands its robot delivery trials to more states

An ex-Googler’s new robot reimagines the future of home automation

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After the pandemic, doctors want their new robot helpers to stay

A robotic helping hand in a crisis

Robotic lab assistant is 1,000 times faster at conducting research

Boston Dynamics will now sell any business its own Spot robot for $74,500

Working from home, with robots

This wearable robotic arm can hold tools, pick fruit, and punch through walls

A restaurant in the Netherlands is using creepy robot waiters for social distancing

A robot sheepdog? ‘No one wants this,’ says one shepherd

Sphero, makers of Disney’s BB-8 toy, spins off new robotics startup for police and military clients

Moxie is a $1,500 robot for kids

Never miss a shot again with this robotic basketball hoop

Spot the robot is reminding parkgoers in Singapore to keep their distance from one another

Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot is helping hospitals remotely treat coronavirus patients

Boston Dynamics’ Spot isn’t quite the terrifying robot hunter you think it is