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Founded in 1938, Samsung is the largest chaebol in South Korea, and the myriad of companies under its brand are some of the biggest in their respective industries, but Samsung Electronics is the most notable. It makes some of the most popular phones in use today, like the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Z Fold 4. It also makes televisions, tablets, computers, headphones, and many of the displays, chips, and batteries found in devices from Apple, Sony, and others.

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Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus review: smart choices

With its newest devices, Samsung cleverly mixes original AI features with some familiar concepts.


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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review: all that and AI

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is packed with top-tier hardware, but its highly touted AI features are hit-or-miss — and the price is higher than ever.

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The Samsung Galaxy Ring won’t be a mystery for long.

The company announced this morning that it’s going to talk about its “new health form factor” at Mobile World Congress, which is going on now in Spain. Samsung says the device is part of a slate of AI-driven “seamless health experiences.”

The Verge is on the ground at MWC, so we should have an idea soon whether the Galaxy Ring is something special.

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Did today’s update improve your Samsung Galaxy S24’s camera?

Inquiring minds would like to know. Officially, there’s a new “vividness” option, and “image quality and sharpness optimization code has been applied” as well.

Unofficially, SamMobile says it “improves text clarity while using high zoom ranges,” improves “the exposure of dark parts of a scene while capturing images indoors,” helps with backlit photos, improves colors and exposure in various photo modes, and more.

Apple dominates top 10 best-selling smartphone list.

We already know that Apple dethroned Samsung by selling the most phones globally in 2023, now we can see the model mix according to data compiled by Counterpoint Research. Samsung’s lucrative flagship phones were a no-show on the list, with only mid-range devices taking up the bottom three positions.

The Frame has become such a hit that Samsung is making a speaker version

If you want a speaker that looks nothing like tech, this might be just the thing.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Ring could arrive in July.

That’s according to Etnews, which claims that the recently teased wearable will be available in eight sizes and is expected to track sleep and health via blood flow and ECG functions, support wireless payments, and act as a remote control for some devices.

Late July is when Samsung held its last summer Unpacked event, but we’re still hoping for a stealthy glimpse at MWC in the week ahead.

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Samsung’s older TVs lose option to view a Ring doorbell’s camera feed.

As of this week, Samsung TVs released between 2018 and 2021 can’t show a video feed from the Ring Doorbell Pro, according to a support page. The news comes after Samsung also announced it would be dropping its TV’s built-in Google Assistant support as of March 1st, 2024.

Between this and the subscription price increases, it’s been a frustrating week for Ring owners.

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Samsung boss acquitted after latest round of legal drama.

Lee Jae-yong, aka Jay Y. Lee, Samsung’s executive chairman and grandson of the company’s founder, has been acquitted of stock manipulation charges relating to a 2015 merger of two subsidiaries that helped him take control of the company, The New York Times reports.

Lee was previously found guilty of bribery and corruption in 2017 and served jail time, but was later released on appeal and eventually pardoned, allowing him to take control of the Samsung empire.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon deal with Samsung will continue, and Apple’s licensing arrangement now runs through 2027.

Qualcomm’s Q1 2024 earnings presentation has wrapped up, with revenue of $9.9 billion and net income of $2.77 billion that’s up compared to last year.

But more notably, analyst Ben Bajarin points out that execs revealed Apple extended the licensing deal they signed in 2019 for an additional two years. It now runs through 2027, aligning with reports that Apple’s own 5G modem tech isn’t ready, while Samsung has added “several years” to a multiyear deal for Snapdragon chips in Galaxy phones.

Slide from Qualcomm presentation announced it has extended a Snapdragon platform agreement with Samsung.
Qualcomm Q1 2024 earnings presentation slide
Image: Qualcomm
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A more affordable Galaxy foldable might be on the way.

The entry-level price of flip-style foldables has been creeping down recently, but book-style folding phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 remain pricey. That might change soon, according to WinFuture. A new leak reveals codenames for upcoming foldables — Q6 and B6, likely the Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 — and a third: Q6A. Maybe an A-series Fold? Yeah? Please, Samsung?

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Samsung’s terrible financial year continues.

Net profit fell 73 percent last quarter resulting in its weakest annual earnings since 2009, according to the WSJ. The culprit, again, was memory chips, but demand is expected to recover in 2024. Samsung’s premium Galaxy S24 series also saw record preorders which could boost the bottom line if its AI deal with Baidu in China can increase Samsung’s negligible smartphone marketshare in the country it once dominated.

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Samsung’s eyeing noninvasive blood glucose monitoring.

In a recent Bloomberg interview, Samsung executive Hon Pak says it’s actively pursuing noninvasive blood glucose monitoring and continuous blood pressure checks. Pak declined to give any concrete timeline but said he hopes to bring it to market in five years.

This is all part of a larger push toward health, as evidenced by the forthcoming Galaxy Ring. (Which Bloomberg says is unlikely to work with iOS.) Just take stories like this with a grain of salt. There’s a good reason why this tech is taking so long, and probably won’t end up in wearables the way we expect.

MagSafe chargers and S-Pens don’t play well together.

If you try to use an S-Pen on a Galaxy Ultra phone that’s attached to a MagSafe charger, “users can expect to encounter a large ‘dead zone’ in the shape of the magnetic ring,” according to a post from Dbrand on Reddit.

Dbrand also says that you “may observe a negligible reduction in S-Pen accuracy when drawing directly over the magnetic array within a MagSafe-enabled case.” If you’ve purchased one of Dbrand’s MagSafe cases for your Galaxy Ultra, the company is offering non-MagSafe replacements.

Samsung S23 Ultra standing upright on a table top with S Pen showing a colorful home screen wallpaper.
Photo by Allison Johnson / The Verge

Samsung’s smart ring might signal the start of a new wearable era

Samsung offered few details about its Galaxy Ring, but it’s more proof that 2024 is shaping up to be a year of Oura Ring competitors.

Today on The Vergecast: Vision Pro photos, S24 photos, and seriously, what is a photo.

Big gadget week! The Vision Pro is up for pre-order (are you getting one?), so we talked about everyone’s experience so far and all the things we still don’t know. Then we dig into Samsung’s new S24 lineup, the latest on the Apple Watch ban, and what it means to make a slow-mo video when there’s no slow-mo video to make it from.

You can use AI to get rid of Samsung’s AI watermark.

Samsung’s new AI photo editing tools will automatically place a watermark in the corner of your image to indicate AI was involved. However, one user found that you can get rid of the watermark by using Samsung’s object erase tool — which also uses AI.

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Instagram is working to expand HDR photo support to more devices.

Samsung announced yesterday that its new Galaxy S24 would become the first device to be able to post and view photos in HDR on Instagram. But this feature may be arriving on more devices soon, according to Meta spokesperson Cullen Heaney:

Samsung is the first manufacturer we’ve worked with to make this feature available, meaning SG24 users are the first to be able to post and view HDR photos in Feed. We are working with additional Android partners (and iOS) to expand the availability of the feature (and thus ability to view in HDR as well).