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Founded in 1938, Samsung is the largest chaebol in South Korea, and the myriad of companies under its brand are some of the biggest in their respective industries, but Samsung Electronics is the most notable. It makes some of the most popular phones in use today, like the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Z Fold 4. It also makes televisions, tablets, computers, headphones, and many of the displays, chips, and batteries found in devices from Apple, Sony, and others.

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If you like to crank up your music, you may hurt your ears.

According to the CDC, repeated exposure to loud sounds — say, listening to your favorite music at ear-splitting levels via your earphones — can permanently damage your hearing. Luckily, some phones — specifically, iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones — have apps that can set a decibel limit and, as a result, prevent harm. Here’s how to find them.

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Samsung is making a ChatGPT rival for its employees.

The smartphone maker has teamed up with the Korean technology giant Naver to develop a generative AI system exclusively for its workers, according to a report from The Korea Economic Daily.

Earlier this month, Samsung told employees to avoid using AI chatbots created by companies like OpenAI over concerns that they’ll collect and use sensitive company data to train their large language models.

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Does your smart washing machine air your dirty laundry?

Quite possibly. Dan Wroclawski at Consumer Reports did a deep dive into smart appliances and the privacy payoffs you make for connected convenience. Have a read before you hook up that new washer to your Wi-Fi.

Samsung’s new News app drops the links to TV shows and games.

Owners of Galaxy devices will get a replacement for their Samsung Free app (which replaced Samsung Daily a few years ago) soon as Samsung News emerges from beta testing starting today.

Samsung’s Google News and Apple News competitor can deliver twice-a-day briefings from a “team of experienced news editors,” news feeds with content from Bloomberg, CNN and others with a customizable “following” section, and podcasts.

Lost in the transition: the Free app’s Watch and Play tabs, but you can still get that content in the Samsung TV Plus and Game Launcher apps instead.

Image from the perspective of a person seated, looking at their phone with the Samsung News app open displaying “Top Stories” with the top headline a USA Today report saying “NASA picks crew for moon mission.”
Samsung’s new News app.
Image: Samsung
Samsung will let you put TOILETPAPER on your fridge.

A collaboration with the irreverent creative studio, TOILETPAPER, has produced some unique conversation starters for owners of Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerators.

Currently on display at the 2023 Milan Design Week, the limited edition refrigerator panels from TOILETPAPER include the option to have a bevy of roses with eyes in the middle staring out at you as you drink your morning coffee. Or, pick the one that emblazons TOILETPAPER’s logo across your fridge, along with a partially headless 50s housewife displaying her wares.

White goods no more. Edgy, Samsung, very edgy.

Samsung’s taking customizing your fridge to bizarre new places.
Samsung’s taking customizing your fridge to bizarre new places.
Image: Samsung Electronics
Samsung and AMD will continue to work together on mobile chips.

The two companies have signed a “multi-year agreement extension,” building on their partnership struck in 2019. Samsung debuted its first mobile SoC with AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics architecture, the Exynos 2200, in January 2022, which was later used with some Galaxy S22 models.