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Founded in 1938, Samsung is the largest chaebol in South Korea, and the myriad of companies under its brand are some of the biggest in their respective industries, but Samsung Electronics is the most notable. It makes some of the most popular phones in use today, like the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Z Fold 4. It also makes televisions, tablets, computers, headphones, and many of the displays, chips, and batteries found in devices from Apple, Sony, and others.

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Images of a prototype of a Samsung XR headset may have leaked.

You can see apparent pictures and specs of the headset in this UploadVR article, but an article on a Chinese website that shared information about the device has seemingly been pulled.

We’re still waiting for concrete details on Samsung, Google, and Qualcomm’s “declarative announcement” from February that they’d be working together on a mixed-reality headset.


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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 review: a little better is just good enough

Samsung’s head start in foldables is paying off, but it’ll have to do more next time around to stay in front.

So what’s new about the Galaxy Watch 6 series?

Since we got into the specs in our hands-on video for the Galaxy Watch 6, we took a different approach with our review video. Basically, we wanted to see what’s actually new, how well the watch works when paired to a non-Samsung phone, and whether battery life has improved.

And as always, if you want more in-depth dive you can read my written review and my experience with the Galaxy Watch 6’s new Thermo Check app.


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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series review: refined, but not revolutionary

Samsung focuses on refining a tried-and-true formula, but how much longer can it afford to coast?

Why Thread is Matter’s biggest problem right now

The Thread protocol offers a robust mesh network designed to solve many of the smart home’s biggest problems. But only if everyone can agree on how to use it.

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It sure looks like cheaper Samsung tablets are on their way.

If the price tags of Samsung's new Galaxy Tab S9 tablets have put you off, you might not have to wait too long for some relief. According to some certification databases, industry leaks, and Samsung's own websites, the company is planning to release a Tab S9 FE and Tab S9 Plus FE at some point in the near future.

Samsung's FE (which cringily stands for "Fan Edition") are generally less expensive than the flagship models they are inspired by, but remain quite capable in their own rights. I just wouldn't expect the OLED screens that are on the proper Tab S9 models to show up on the FE versions.

Today on The Vergecast: YouTube and TikTok, Samsung and S-Pens, and the epic pool pole fight.

This episode is for all the samboys out there, y’all. We get into some reader emails (thanks as always for sending, and keep ‘em coming, or call the hotline at 866-VERGE11), talk about YouTube’s world takeover plans, dissect BeastBurger, and get into the weeds on plow planes. And we barely talk about X at all, for once.

Samsung’s Q2 profits down 95 percent.

The company’s terrible financial year continues though it says demand for its memory chips is showing signs of recovery, and its new range of premium foldables should also help turn the tide. But news that young Koreans are overwhelmingly choosing iPhones is surely troubling in the long term.

Unpacking the Samsung Unpacked event.

Slept in and didn’t watch Samsung’s summer Unpacked event this morning? I don’t blame you. This was an early one. As always, our video team has got you covered! Catch up on all the announcements in our 8-minute recap video.

I’m not gonna lie; I felt the same way about big phones.

Okay this Galaxy Unpacked video was fun.

It captured well the frustration of phone cords. the excitement of the first cell phones (“I’m calling you from the back of a taxi!”). And the late night talk show-style gag about phablets being too big was spot on and a funny moment to look back on.

It almost swerved into being a little too smug, but I think pulled off staying on this side of the line.

Samsung’s new fabric Galaxy Watch strap looks familiar...

That’s because it’s basically Apple’s nylon Sport Loop. I know, because I tried one on last week. It’s also got a one-click button mechanism which makes it much much much easier to swap out straps. Plus, they’re backward compatible with older Galaxy Watches.

Apple’s Sport Loop is my go-to recommendation for Apple Watch buyers and I’m pretty sure this fabric band will be my go-to rec for Samsung Galaxy Watch users too.

A blue and purple fabric strap side by side
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Seven seconds of foldables with Suga (and maybe Baekhyun?)

If you’ve ever wondered who actually uses Samsung foldables... look no further than K-pop (BTS, EXO, etc), K-dramas (Start Up, Itaewon Class), and Korean variety shows. Continuing this years-long tradition, Samsung trotted out Suga from BTS to ask one question and then show off the new Galaxy Z Fold 5.

For my EXO-L’s did I hallucinate or was that Baekyun for 1 second during the Z Flip 5 video? If it was him... I will flip.

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The Z Fold 5 is the smallest update to Samsung’s folding phone yet.

Of all years to sleep on bringing new innovations to its folding phone, Samsung seems to have decided that its Z Fold 5 only needed the smallest of tweaks. At least they got rid of the hinge gap!

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 gets a big little screen upgrade

The Z Flip 5 comes with a much bigger cover screen and more storage, setting it up to take on the Motorola Razr Plus.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series is all about the bezels

The Classic’s rotating bezel is back — and the display bezels are a lot thinner all around. Oh, and here comes Wear OS 4.