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Trump’s Space Force may come with a big price tag, and no one can agree how to structure it

The future of DIY abortions is the internet, not a back-alley doctor

A Japanese spacecraft just threw two small rovers at an asteroid

SpaceX gets into space tourism while the Department of Justice gets into Tesla

The most heartwarming video you’ll see today is of scientists cooing over this rare eel

“That’s a fish! Whaaaaat?”

Puppies spread antibiotic-resistant bacteria in recent diarrhea outbreak

AI gliders learn to fly using air currents, just like birds


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Will getting a lobster stoned cut the pain of boiling it alive?

Listen to an excerpt from Neil deGrasse Tyson’s new book Accessory to War

Satellite uses giant net to practice capturing space junk

The easiest way for Elon Musk to raise money for SpaceX might be tourism

SpaceX’s Moon loop will affect passengers’ health — here’s how

Which artists should SpaceX send to the Moon?

How NASA plans to use lunar dust to build structures on the Moon

Living off the land in space

SpaceX will send Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa to the Moon

Elon Musk reveals updated design for future SpaceX Mars rocket

CDC confirms that teens are vaping weed


YouTubers are not your friends


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Watch Elon Musk announce SpaceX’s first Moon passenger today at 6PM PT

Get a grip on the natural world with this beautiful manual for the planet

Hurricanes stalling like Florence over the Carolinas may get even more common

Watch the last flight of the Delta II rocket as it puts a laser-pulsing satellite into orbit

The DelFly Nimble robot can fly like a real insect

SpaceX says it will send someone around the Moon on its future monster rocket

This terrifying graphic from The Weather Channel shows the power and danger of Hurricane Florence

NASA is trying to squash conspiracy theories about the space station leak

What the Apple Watch’s FDA clearance actually means

Hurricane Florence has scientists packing up their labs and hoping the power stays on

NASA veteran Sunita Williams tells us what it’s like to get ready to fly a new spacecraft

The two-time flyer will soon fly commercial

Why an Apple Watch with EKG matters

Here’s what you need in your emergency hurricane kit

Juul has 60 days to prove it can keep its e-cigs away from kids, FDA warns

Aston Martin teases its first battery-electric sports car, the Rapide E

Product placement may help power NASA’s next big space mission

These domesticated foxes were 60 years in the making

The SoulCycle of fertility sells egg-freezing and ‘empowerment’ to 25-year-olds

Why Hurricane Florence is so intense for a storm this far north