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India says not to preorder Starlink until it obtains a license

Democrats’ plan to boost ‘tree equity’ is actually a good idea


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Virgin Galactic to send its first sweepstakes winner to space

Black Friday is causing toxic traffic jams at US ports and warehouses

Black Friday’s pollution problem is even worse this year

Elizabeth Holmes admitted to a key part of the case against her

Holmes confesses to a passion for graphic design

Elizabeth Holmes tells the jury that at least some of Theranos was real

"A success was that we had successfully achieved the objectives of the program."

Britain launches review of bias in medical devices

Astra reaches orbit for the first time with LV0007 launch

In her Theranos fraud case, Elizabeth Holmes is speaking for herself

In a surprise move, Elizabeth Holmes is testifying at the Theranos fraud trial

Visualizations show the extensive cloud of debris Russia’s anti-satellite test created

Vergecast: Apple assists DIY repairs, Russia blows up a satellite, and Biden signs infrastructure bill

Elizabeth Holmes will take your $1.2 million but not your phone calls

We met an investor who won’t take a hint — or even a command

The US finally adopts a national recycling strategy

Russia blows up a satellite, creating a dangerous debris cloud in space

The field of debris may be passing by the International Space Station

Last year’s record-breaking power outages are a red flag for public health 

‘Deep regret’: Global climate summit fails developing nations once again

The world isn’t spending enough money to adapt to climate change

Biden’s pick for FDA chief works at Google

TikTok tics are a symptom of a much bigger problem

Hospitals are at a high risk of cyberattacks, but patients don’t realize it

SpaceX’s Starlink reveals new smaller, rectangular user dish to connect to satellites

Dishy McFlatface gets a new look

SpaceX successfully launches four astronauts on Crew-3 mission to the space station

Withings’ ScanWatch with built-in EKG is finally available in the US

2020 was the worst year yet for power outages in the US

How to watch SpaceX’s Crew-3 mission to the International Space Station