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The kilogram is dead; long live the kilogram

Fifteen years after Concorde, supersonic jets are booming back into style

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An Italian volcano’s massive eruptions fit a pattern — and the cycle may have restarted

How humans are transforming the hurricanes of the future

A cold ‘super-Earth’ may live around a nearby star

L’Oréal’s wearable sensor will track your UV exposure throughout the day

Ford teaming up with Walmart and Postmates on robot deliveries

Self-driving vehicles delivering groceries in Miami

Juul cuts flavored nicotine supply to stores and shutters its social media

AI software helped NASA dream up this spider-like interplanetary lander


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Google is absorbing DeepMind’s health care unit to create an ‘AI assistant for nurses and doctors’

An academic reported sexual harassment. Her university allegedly retaliated

She claims her once-promising career was sidelined

How solar panels could cool our homes while harvesting energy

Watch Rocket Lab try again to launch its first commercial mission to space

NASA’s Europa lander may be in jeopardy after the midterms — and some are fine with seeing it go

What a ban on e-cigarette flavors could mean for Big Tobacco

Google hires a health care CEO to organize its fragmented health initiatives

These are the technology advances that could end animal farming

SpaceX wants to fly some internet satellites closer to Earth to cut down on space trash

Judge blocks Keystone XL pipeline, says government cannot ignore ‘inconvenient’ facts

An inconvenient truth

Cigarette smoking hits a low in the US, but don’t thank vapes for it


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Marijuana advocates celebrate after Jeff Sessions is ousted

What the new Congress means for space, self-driving cars, and regulating Facebook

New congressional members with science backgrounds may help shape national policy

Three states vote in favor of marijuana

Government bans on pot research have created room for marijuana health hype

Why we shouldn’t cry ‘aliens’ about that interstellar space rock just yet