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CNN will stop running Juul and other e-cigarette ads after vaping deaths

Aluminum is recycling’s new best friend, but it’s complicated

People are throwing their Juuls out windows and drenching them in water just to quit

Trump calls on FDA to ban all flavored vapes after mystery lung illness

Dangerous results from unproven stem cell treatments led to Google ad ban

Dubious claims

Water vapor — and maybe even rain — found on distant world twice the size of Earth

Burned areas of the Amazon could take centuries to fully recover


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These may be the best climate investments $1.8 trillion can buy

Furious storm over Trump’s tweets continues to rage at NOAA

India says it has found its Moon lander, but it still cannot communicate with it

India loses communication with lunar lander shortly before scheduled landing on the Moon

Russia’s humanoid robot Skybot is on its way home after a two-week stay in space

Three people have died of a mysterious lung illness linked to vaping as cases skyrocket

Google’s Discover feed faces climate change controversy

Justice Department launches antitrust probe into four automakers around emissions deal with California

Watch India try to land a spacecraft intact on the Moon for the first time

Tom Hegen’s aerial photography captures the human impact on natural landscapes


Chemical contaminant identified as ‘key focus’ of investigation into vaping illness


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Storm chasers are searching the clouds for the key to climate change

Democrats are divided on using nuclear energy to stop climate change

As Dorian threatens real destruction, Trump pushes a fantasy forecast

A bug in SpaceX’s communication system kept the company in the dark about potential satellite collision

Internet-from-space provider OneWeb says it will provide coverage to the Arctic by 2020

Michigan becomes the first state to ban flavored e-cigarettes