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The Ebola cure is a turning point in drug development, experts say

Sierra Nevada picks the future Vulcan rocket to fly its mini-spaceplane to orbit

Weakening the Endangered Species Act could harm humans, too

How Blue Origin is trying to rework the rules of the Air Force’s coveted rocket competition

The Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight, but the Moon is going to spoil the fun

Still a good excuse to get outside

Hobbs & Shaw is joyously stupid about science and technology

Europe and Russia’s mission to Mars runs into a speed bump after two failed parachute tests


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Small satellite launcher Vector pauses operations after ousting CEO

AI pioneer accused of having sex with trafficking victim on Jeffrey Epstein’s island

More than 50 pieces of debris remain in space after India destroyed its own satellite in March

Watch SpaceX’s net-wielding boat slowly catch a rocket nose cone falling from the sky

Small satellite launcher Rocket Lab unveils plans to recover its rockets midair with helicopters

Juul launches a Bluetooth e-cigarette that tracks how much you vape


How we proved this tiny rock came from space

SpaceX and Arianespace launched rockets from North and South America within hours of each other

SpaceX will now offer rocket ride-shares tailored solely to small satellites

Electric scooters aren’t quite as climate-friendly as we thought

Scooters beat driving, but biking and walking beat scooters

Space startup aims to launch thousands of satellite ‘cell towers’ that connect to the average phone


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Solar-sailing satellite proves it can use light to propel through space

Meet the US’s spy system of the future — it’s Sentient

The classified artificial brain being developed by US intelligence programs

NASA to help SpaceX, Blue Origin, and more develop technologies for Moon and Mars travel

Facebook just published an update on its futuristic brain-typing project

Tesla’s Megapack battery is big enough to help grids handle peak demand

This company says it has a lunar space suit that will be ready for NASA’s 2024 Moon mission