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Meet DeepSqueak, an algorithm built to decode ultrasonic rat squeaks

That uranium ore found at a Grand Canyon museum isn’t as scary as it sounds

Trump signs new directive calling on Space Force to be part of the Air Force

This origami-like strip of paper helped diagnose malaria in Uganda

Israeli spacecraft poised to become first privately funded lander on the Moon

It’s got a long journey to get there

‘Dam good’ video shows how beavers could fight fires


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Withings Health Mate review: I walked 500 miles for an app

Use these tools to help visualize the horror of rising sea levels

Newly signed funding bill gives NASA’s budget a significant boost

Where will the materials for our clean energy future come from?

Robot squeezes suspected nuclear fuel debris in Fukushima reactor

Watch a satellite spear space debris with a harpoon

Pressure mounts on Facebook and Google to stop anti-vax conspiracy theories

NASA wants to jump-start development of landers to take humans to the Moon

At-home HPV tests attempt to reduce cervical cancer rates

Photos from NASA’s lost Opportunity

Watch these sperm wriggle up a model reproductive tract

Go, sperm, go!


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Teen marijuana use is associated with higher likelihood of depression later on

Mosquito control could slow the spread of disease in a warming world

NASA is saying goodbye to its Opportunity rover on Mars after eight months of radio silence

Civilization VI’s new expansion is a disaster-filled look at climate change

This new map reveals how climate change could hit your hometown

Why polar bears invaded a Russian village

SpaceX’s Air Force certification faces scrutiny from Pentagon auditor