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McDonald’s is testing the McPlant, a Beyond Meat meatless burger

China launches latest crew of three en route to nation’s Tianhe space station

Mobile app helps people manage their blood pressure

NASA is sending a spacecraft on a 12-year journey to explore swarms of asteroids around Jupiter

Biden administration gives offshore wind farms a big boost

US welcomes offshore wind to nearly every coast

Fossil fuels are forecast to dry up, but not soon enough

Blue Origin successfully sends William Shatner and crew to edge of space and back

He can finally say he boldly went there

Apple exploring AirPods that take your temperature and monitor posture: report



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Watch William Shatner fly to space on Blue Origin’s tourist rocket

FDA authorizes first e-cigarette but only allows tobacco flavors

NASA’s massive next-generation space telescope arrives in South America ahead of launch

See how climate change could drown landmarks around the world

The Verge is now on your smart TV

Stream Verge videos in 4K on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV

FDA clears Withings’ EKG and blood oxygen features

The ScanWatch can detect breathing disturbances during the night

Small satellite launcher Astra identifies cause behind strange sideways rocket launch

This bipedal robot uses propeller arms to slackline and skateboard

Astronaut Sally Ride will be one of the women featured on a 2022 US quarter

Ride, Sally, ride

Blue Origin postpones William Shatner’s space flight by a day

Views Of General Electric Co.’s First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm


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Boeing Starliner test flight delayed until 2022

Facebook is trying to stop the sale of Amazon rainforest land on its Marketplace

Tar balls, oiled birds, and months of cleanup on California’s beaches

Google and YouTube will cut off ad money for climate change deniers

Facebook’s whistleblower report confirms what researchers have known for years

Efforts to minimize the findings aren’t good for trust

Medtronic issues ‘urgent’ recall of insulin pump controller vulnerable to hacks