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Biden administration declares monkeypox a public health emergency

Monkeypox can’t use the same at-home testing playbook as COVID-19

How machine learning could help save threatened species from extinction

Spain bans setting the AC below 27 degrees Celsius

Patients did DIY blood draws in a new vaccine study

DIY blood draw

Go read this investigation into major methane leaks in Texas and New Mexico



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Meta sued for violating patient privacy with data tracking tool

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The uneven energy costs of working from home

Natural Cycles now accepts temperature data from the Oura smart ring

Amazon's climate pollution is getting way worse

The US organ transplant network is built on shaky technology, reports say

China’s uncontrolled rocket crashes down over the Indian Ocean

The UK’s extreme heatwave would have been ‘virtually impossible’ without climate change

It’s time for another round of anxiety over a Chinese rocket booster falling back to Earth

Permian Basin In West Texas In The Spotlight As Oil Prices Soar


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Can hydrogen fuel cells power Microsoft data centers?

Scientists reanimate dead spiders as robot gripping claws

Welcome to the wonderful world of necrobotics

DeepMind found the structure of nearly every protein known to science

London paid a record price for electricity during its heatwave

Russia reportedly tells NASA it’s staying with the International Space Station until at least 2028

Joe Biden’s new plan: solar power for everyone, not just the rich

Playing video games all summer won’t make you feel worse

Meta might let anti-vax posts back onto Facebook and Instagram


What the future of lab-grown meat could look like

You could have your pig and eat it, too!

OneWeb and Eutelsat merger sets up a European satellite internet giant to take on SpaceX, Amazon