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Why the military should have known its $5 billion camouflage would fail

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Camouflage stock USMC Lance Cpl. Andrew Kuppers 2040
Camouflage stock USMC Lance Cpl. Andrew Kuppers 2040

The art of camouflage is more than throwing paint at a soldier, and it's not one-size-fits-all. That's a lesson the US military has learned, much to its chagrin, as it phases out what was supposedly going to be a "Universal Camouflage Pattern" thatt cost a reported $5 billion to develop. Now, Gizmodo explains — with the help of camouflage designer Guy Cramer — why that pattern failed, given how the human eye works and given the history of the medium. Revelations include that the Army failed to include any black color in the design, which can make the camo appear flat against 3D surfaces, and that the scale of the digital pattern can trigger an optical effect that makes soldiers easier to spot at a distance. You can read the full story at our source link below.