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Dockless electric scooters first started appearing on US city streets in 2017, and since then have exploded in popularity across the world. Like ride-sharing, these compact two-wheelers were eagerly adopted by riders, kicking off what is seen as a revolution in micromobility. They can be a fun and easy way to make short trips, and startups like Bird and Lime are using that to raise huge amounts of cash. But critics complain they block sidewalks and cause injuries, and cities have struggled to manage their growth, which suggests that the scooter wars have only just begun.

Miami rescinds its short-lived ban on shared electric scooters

Miami commission votes to banish electric scooters from its streets

Lime raises over $500 million, confirms plans to take its electric scooter company public

Bird’s scooters will now emit annoying beeps when you drive on the sidewalk

Unagi reveals ‘Model Eleven,’ an electric scooter that plays music, avoids potholes, and looks incredible

Best Buy is now selling electric bikes, scooters, and mopeds — in store and online

Bird’s new electric bike looks like a VanMoof, and you can buy it

Scooter sharing has finally come to NYC — is the city ready?

Spin’s electric scooters are coming to Google Maps

How Boosted went bust

An inside look at how the beloved electric skateboard startup fell apart

Bird plans a pilot program for electric wheelchair and mobility scooter rentals in NYC this summer

Bird and Spin release new electric vehicles amid pressure to catch up to Lime

Bird announces its third-generation electric scooter with automatic emergency braking

Lime Prime is the scooter company’s new monthly subscription service

Bird is reportedly taking its electric scooter company public via SPAC

Lime is bringing its electric mopeds to New York City

Moped-sharing startup Revel plans to launch a Tesla-only ride-hailing service in NYC

New York City selects Bird, Lime, and VeoRide for its coveted e-scooter pilot

NIU announces its first electric kick scooter starting at $599

Lime adds features to make scooter-sharing less stressful

Unagi is expanding its electric scooter subscription service to more cities

Bird will double its size in Europe with massive $150 million spend

Lime says it will spend $50 million on a huge e-bike expansion

Spin is testing remote-controlled electric scooters to prevent blocked sidewalks

Lime adds electric mopeds to its lineup of scooters and bikes

Spin is adding sensor-powered ADAS to its electric scooters to curb scofflaw riding

Lime unveils next-gen scooter as it continues to inch toward profitability

BMW’s new electric scooter concept aims to be your perfect cyberpunk mount

Lime’s CEO on the future of scooters: ‘COVID has turned from a headwind into a tailwind’

Lime adds Wheels shared e-bikes to its app as it seeks to become a one-stop shop for mobility

Ridepanda wants to be your ‘one-stop shop’ for electric bikes and scooters

Bird doubles down on selling electric scooters directly to customers