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The pursuit of sex and erotica shapes — and is shaped by — technology in ways that influence our culture on and offline. Many technological advances originate in the sex industry, and can transform the way we find partners, experience pleasure, and examine our own sexuality. The Verge pursues stories that thoughtfully examine the relationship between tech and sex, without the pearl-clutching prudishness of your high school sex ed classes.

Sex workers made OnlyFans valuable — then it sold them out

Eight big takeaways from CES 2020

The lonely ballad of the fuck button

LoveSync was meant for couples struggling in the bedroom — instead its crowdfunding campaign became a viral joke

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Porn companies are embracing crowdfunding

Tumblr’s adult content ban means the death of unique blogs that explore sexuality

How Tumblr went from being the most porn-friendly social media site to banning porn

#ThotAudit is just the latest tactic people are using to harass sex workers online

What if porn, but for women

‘Female Viagra’ is back and easily available online — which means it could be more harmful than ever

Steam’s capricious pornography rules hurt small game creators the most

YouTubers are hiding softcore porn behind fake diamond ads

Anti-sex trafficking law FOSTA is hurting online sex educators, too

Dutch police have shut down Anon-IB in the course of a revenge porn investigation

Facebook sure has been thinking a lot about nipples

Hollywood wants to rid the web of celebrity deepfakes

Switter, one of the last online spaces friendly to sex workers, was just banned by its network

Amid FOSTA crackdown, sex workers find refuge on Mastodon

How Silicon Valley’s feature creep is ruining sex toys

PlayStation won’t publish pickup artist game Super Seducer

Super Seducer is the last game we need in the #MeToo era

Online dating isn’t easy — especially when you’re asexual

What remains of Chatroulette: it’s gone to the do(n)gs

From Ice Age dildos to VR, an academic explains the history and future of sex toys

Deepfakes are disappearing from parts of the web, but they’re not going away

Reddit bans ‘deepfakes’ AI porn communities

Pornhub is the latest platform to ban AI-generated ‘deepfakes’ porn

Gfycat starts removing fake AI porn GIFs from its platform

Is it legal to swap someone’s face into porn without consent?

The people making fake AI porn have been temporarily distracted by Nicolas Cage

Discord shut down a chat group that shared fake celebrity porn edited with artificial intelligence

Fake celebrity porn is blowing up on Reddit, thanks to artificial intelligence

Adult cam site CamSoda will offer ‘virtual intercourse with real people’ using sex dolls and VR