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Show Notes

Show Notes is editor-in-chief Nilay Patel’s daily roundup of news from across The Verge, with commentary, analysis, and the occasional exasperated rant.

A nissan rogue with tank treads for wheels

Show Notes: Get ready for car news

Senate Judiciary Committee Hears Testimony From FCC Leaders On Proposed FCC Privacy Rules

Show Notes: Let’s tear apart this Ajit Pai op-ed, shall we?

Mac Pro first look

Show Notes: This is a salacious headline about Apple designed to get clicks

Show Notes: Hollywood money corrupts absolutely

Show Notes: Congress just sold your internet privacy out from under you

Show Notes: Android tablets and the definition of insanity

Show Notes: It’s more like an updated iPad Air 1

Show Notes: My nightmare is called Apple iMessage Stories

Show Notes: What the world really needs is NFC payment sunglasses

Show Notes: Cars are just rolling computers

Show Notes: Damnit, Verizon

Show Notes: Google vs. Microsoft vs. Slack

Show Notes: Senators making stupid internet analogies

Show Notes: The Sonos Playbase is so confusing

Show Notes: Apple is getting out-designed by... HP and Dell?

Show Notes: Today in random FCC drama!