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Slack is a cloud-based team communication tool founded by Stewart Butterfield in 2013. Slack offers chat rooms, private groups, direct messaging, and file sharing. It's also frequently augmented with bots and apps through its API. Slack is available as a web app, and also runs on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. We cover major changes and updates to Slack, which has become the leading tool of its kind in the industry, and the rising competition from companies such as Facebook and Microsoft.

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Microsoft ‘likely’ to face an EU antitrust investigation over Teams bundling.

Reuters reports that Microsoft “is likely to face an EU antitrust investigation” over concerns around its bundling of its Teams communication app with Office subscriptions. Slack filed an anti-competitive complaint against Microsoft with the European Commission two years ago, claiming Microsoft has “illegally tied” its Microsoft Teams product to Office. The EU is “preparing the ground for an investigation,” according to one Reuters source.

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Slack can be like Hansel and Gretel’s forest: easy to get lost in.

But you don’t need breadcrumbs to find your way around. Here are some strategies for organizing your Slack conversations — especially if you’re lucky enough to have a paid version.

Clubhouse and its clones have an accessibility problem

The social audio app has been criticized for inaccessibility — how do its competitors stack up?

How Microsoft crushed Slack

And why the era of worker-centered work tools may be over