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Slack is a cloud-based team communication tool founded by Stewart Butterfield in 2013. Slack offers chat rooms, private groups, direct messaging, and file sharing. It's also frequently augmented with bots and apps through its API. Slack is available as a web app, and also runs on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. We cover major changes and updates to Slack, which has become the leading tool of its kind in the industry, and the rising competition from companies such as Facebook and Microsoft.

Twitter acquires messaging platform Quill to make DMs suck less

Slack is down for some people, and of course, the problem is DNS

Slack launches clips, video messages that help you avoid meetings

Now Salesforce officially owns Slack

Slack launches Huddles, Discord-like audio calls you can hop in and out of

Slack is rolling out a new scheduled send feature

Clubhouse and its clones have an accessibility problem

The social audio app has been criticized for inaccessibility — how do its competitors stack up?

Vox Media’s Eric Arredondo on working as IT support

Slack’s newest feature will help me remember to pause notifications before calls

Slack had some problems on Thursday for more than an hour

Slack will let you list your pronouns right under your job title

Slack quickly removes message invites in its new DM feature over harassment concerns

Slack’s new DM feature can be used to send abuse and harassment with just an invite

Slack now lets you DM anyone

PSA: if you use Slack on Android, you might want to update your password

Slack starts 2021 with a massive outage

How Microsoft crushed Slack

And why the era of worker-centered work tools may be over

Soon anyone from any company can Slack you

Slack is getting Instagram-like stories and push-to-talk audio calls for the pandemic era

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Slack is down... to collaborate on these limited-edition sneakers

The most ambitious crossover event in workplace messaging history?

Slack experienced performance issues for more than six hours

The big winner in Slack’s Microsoft fight could be Google

Slack files competition complaint against Microsoft in the EU

Gmail is integrating Google Chat, Rooms, and Meet to take on Microsoft and Slack

How to manage your new Slack notification schedules

Slack promised to kill email, and Slack Connect might just do it

Slack partners with Amazon to take on Microsoft Teams

Slack CEO: Microsoft is ‘unhealthily preoccupied with killing us’

Slack is looking to add support for scheduled messages and more control over notifications

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield on the future of work and managing all those notifications

A conversation on The Vergecast

Facebook’s Giphy acquisition might have big implications for iMessage and Twitter

Slack’s redesigned Android and iOS apps are live now