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LG Pentouch adds pen input to PZ850 plasma TV (hands-on)

LG Pentouch adds pen input to PZ850 plasma TV (hands-on)

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The LG Pentouch. It's a hard thing to describe, mostly because it isn't just one thing -- it's composed of the 60-inch PZ850 plasma TV that has been for a while, a light-sensitive pen, which registers your input by collecting light information from the TV, and finally a Windows-only piece of software that makes sense of it all on your nearest computer. So yes, it's kind of a complicated, not to say overwrought, setup, but the end result is that you can use a stylus with your plasma and it's actually a pretty fun way to kill a few minutes.

There's naturally no pressure sensitivity nor finger touch input, however you can get yourself a second Pentouch stylus and engage in a bit of pinch-to-zoom action if the fancy strikes you. One wireless dongle serves can receive signal from both. There's noticeable lag between drawing something and seeing it on the screen, but it isn't enough to ruin the experience and tracking seems to be commendably accurate. Check out video and a few more pictures from IFA in the rest of our post after the break.

LG Pentouch hands-on photos